Berlin Wall in Lithuania

Visitors who come to Berlin often wonder: “What happened to the Berlin Wall?”

I found a chunk of it in Lithuania, at Europos Parkas, an outdoor art museum.

To address any suspicions about larceny: it was a gift by the Federal Republic of Germany.

No wonder there isn’t much left of the Berlin Wall to see in Berlin if most of it was given away, because Germany didn’t want to afford a proper present.

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2 Responses to Berlin Wall in Lithuania

  1. While I understand the desire to get rid of a reminder of such a distasteful period, I feel it’s a mistake that the German government didn’t preserve more of the wall. Perhaps not in its’ original layout (though a small area kept intact would be an excellent learning aid), but a number of panels, distributed to cities throughout the country, would lend a physical tie to history, no matter how unpalatable that history was. But at least this way, more of the world gets to see what Berliners lives with for decades, so there is that positive point.

    • I agree with you and I think many people in Berlin or Germany would agree with you. In 1989 and 1990, it was completely understandable that everyone wanted to get rid of the past.
      But now when you visit Berlin, it’s hard to imagine the separation which so shaped both the city and indeed Europe for 40 years.

      The problem with these isolated chunks of wall somewhere – like the one in the photo – is that it does not convey the horror of a separated city, with barbed wire on top of the wall, minefields next to it and people being shot who tried to cross the river.

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