Where the **** is Spring?

It’s April. It’s Easter. Spring should have begun 10 days ago.

But this morning, the view from my window looked like this:

winter Vilnius 1 April 2013Vilnius looked like this:

Vilnius snow 1 April 2013And because the Easter bunny had frozen to death, we had to make our own Easter eggs. Out of snow:

Uzupis eggs snowConsidering that the year has 12 months and that there are 4 seasons, it would seem like an equitable and fair distribution if each season reigned for 3 months. But this bloody winter has been in power now for 6 months. And unlike the Pope, it is not giving any indication of wishing to resign. It’s time for a revolution against this icy tyrant!

You will understand my frustration even more if you consider that last year on exactly this day it looked like this and this and that I had taken these photos in the middle of February, a full 6 weeks earlier.

I haven’t decided yet where to move to next, but you can be sure that I will spend the next winter south of the 53rd Northern latitude.

installing spring in lithuania

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Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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19 Responses to Where the **** is Spring?

  1. alliblair says:

    haha! I did a post recently on how badly I have the Wintertime Blues. The groundhog lied! It is so disheartening that it appears to be winter still, no sign of Spring… :(

  2. I just noticed that Vilnius is at the same latitude as Novosibirsk. That should have been a warning.

  3. It ain’t just you, buddy. We here in Ohio were in the 80s (Fahrenheit) last year late March, and spent the same time this year in the 30s. Today’s been a warm day recently, but we’re still 10 degrees below average!
    I blame it on the Euro crisis. Why? It’s convenient, and most Americans don’t have a clue about what the Euro crisis even is! :D

  4. Spring is in Mexico. You need to be here!

  5. Nadezhda Konovalova says:

    Same fristration but it started to melt in Kiev yesterday :) I hope no more snow! I still cannot use some of sidewalks.

  6. Ele says:

    One foreign football team that had misfortune to come to Kaunas to play in early March some years ago said that only penguins can live in this land.

  7. Stefan MD says:

    Since you like Malta’s weather and sunsets, wanted to share with you a couple of photos from this weekend :) (except today there is rain and a gale force wind!!)


    Didn’t want to spam your blog with individidual photos, but here’s the sunset:

    • Stefan MD says:

      ok, couldn’t use inline html

    • Beautiful! I really miss Malta and Gozo.

    • Stefan MD says:

      you need to visit again then.

      Btw, did you ever go to the Popeye Village? I never saw any pictures on your blog.

      I’m going to Bratislava this weekend, so I’ll be facing the cold again!

  8. CB:BC says:

    I’m from a tropical country and for us winter is the greatest season we are waiting for.

    • Because your winter doesn’t mean 6-8 months of not being able to spend a whole day outside.

    • CB:BC says:

      The only thing that matter for us is the cold feeling. Well we cannot go outside because of the intense heat and we cannot go outside also due to 18-20 typhoons we always have during the rainy seasons.

  9. angloswiss says:

    The snow has disappeared from my Swiss area now (foot of the Jura mountains) but it is still very cold. I saw my first daffodil yesterday in the garden, but I think the others are still waiting for warmer weather. Seems that everything is later this year. Loved your comment about the gefrorene Osterhase.

  10. evesreflections says:

    Down with the icy tyrant! There is no snow in Bonn, and the sun is trying to peek out of the greyness, but the cold dictator is fighting tooth and nail to stay in power.

  11. norwegian says:

    It should be springtime in Norway too, but the snow is still on the ground. But we have had years that the snow is on the ground far out in may.

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