Grumpy Cat coming to Lithuania

It seems that Grumpy Cat is following my blog and got so interested in Lithuania that she came here for a visit:

Grumpy Cat LithuaniaAnd no, it’s actually not grumpy at all here. I have met a great many friendly and helpful people in Lithuania. In any case, Lithuanians might get grumpy if you call their country part of Eastern Europe (which it is) or if you call in doubt the official historiography.

(source for the cartoon:

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6 Responses to Grumpy Cat coming to Lithuania

  1. mrdanmor says:

    Haha, completely at odds with the Lithuanians I work with.

  2. Skaistis says:

    We aren’t grumpy. We smile when we are happy.
    It gets quite irritating when everybody is smiling all day long. you begin to think that they are on drugs or they do not know about other moods :)

  3. But – Lithuanians MUST be grumpy, ’cause I heard it on the Internet, and they can’t put anything on the Internet that isn’t true, right? ;)
    And Skaistis, I gotta take a LITTLE bit of exception with your comment. After all, I’m on a LOT of drugs (by prescription – gotta keep it legal), and I smile a lot. (Wait, that didn’t come out quite …. uh …. what were we talking about? :D )

  4. mildaber says:

    The author of the comic is JrS0ul:
    I’m lithuanian and I approve of this comic. Skaistis here shows the typical thinking – if you’re smiling, you’re on drugs, therefore you have to be grumpy to be considered “normal”.
    But it’s getting better :)

  5. Angele Raskaukas says:

    Think it is a gene thing.

    Spoke my first English word when I was seven, here in Canada, yet I do not quite fit in because I do not have the capability of making nonsensical small talk. Not having even a hint of a Lithuanian accent I am mistaken for an unfriendly Canadian.

    I am seen as being standoffish while others have close office friendships, formed through the necessary social foreplay.

    Find myself on the outside looking in a lot and no I do not have a personality disorder.

    Being asked what is wrong when all is well can be most frustrating.

    Now I get it…. Thanks.

  6. Borat Sagdiev says:


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