How to spot fake immigration advice

Immigration advice is a big business. Millions of people want to emigrate every year and seek out lawyers, attorneys and other immigration advisers.

Only four left.

How can you tell a competent adviser from a fake one? I will have more on that subject soon, but you always have to be suspicious if somebody claims to have information about every country in the world. Nobody will realistically be able to keep abreast of the legal developments in more than one or two countries.

Preparing for my trip to Somalia, I came across this website which pretends to be “the guide to immigration everywhere in the world”. Their website included the following sentences about Somalia:

People immigrate to Somalia for different purposes. Some people immigrate to Somalia for work. Others move to Somalia to have a better life and seek out Somalia citizenship.

I have not yet been to Somalia, but I doubt that many people immigrate to Somalia, unless you consider the sailors who are kidnapped by Somali pirates to be “immigrants”. I doubt even more that people move to Somalia “to have a better life”. Where would you need to live in order for Somalia to appear as the better alternative?

“We were promised a land of milk and honey.”

Obviously this “World Immigration Guide” just copies and pastes whatever text they have and uses it for 193 or so countries. If you ever come across a website that sounds like this generic typical internet bla bla devoid of all style and content, run away. You are better off seeking proper advice from real experts. But not from this lazy lawyer, please.

About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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8 Responses to How to spot fake immigration advice

  1. Stefan MD says:

    Hmmm, I think they would have better referred to the page as a placeholder rather than a stub, a stub still has some useful information normally!

  2. Lillian Smith says:

    Many Somali males immigrate back to Somalia to take part in the ongoing Jihad there.

    From what I know of Somali immigrants, they do not need any advice when immigrating as refugees, as they know the laws of the land better then the best lawyer and demand every freebie there is and more.

    • You must know very smart and learned Somalis then. They must be the likes of those that have been returning to Somalia to serve as Prime Minister or in other government functions.

    • Lillian Smith says:

      I would not call them so much as smart but cunning and sly.

      Unfortunately, the ones that go back to Somalia are the ones that want to fight the Jihad against other non-Muslim Africans – the rest stay in the lands that have accepted them and sponge off the Infidl.. There are no Prime Ministers amongst them unless of course they win the Jihad and make themselves PM/Dictator.

  3. Lillian Smith says:

    It is a pity what passes for immigration nowadays. Before, immigration calls came from countries that needed workers and these were pre-selected for health, education and trade skills. Now everyone can be an immigrant by throwing away their papers or passports and show up at the nearest border of a friendly country as a ‘refugee’. There is not one continent, except for Russia and China, that has as yet not been so invaded. It seems certain continents and places are baby incubators which then are unleashed unto the rest of the world in order to satisfy the demands of every increasing financial growth and lessen wage earning power for workers. And can you guess who is actually benefitting in all of this? Yes the usual suspects, the richest top 1% of the population. Therefore I conclude this is a careful managed and planned strategy on the part of the ruling elite and that is why they changes ‘refugee’ laws and make it illegal to speak out against this since their cronies are making oodles of money and besides, they do not have to live next to the immigrants but live in gated communities with heavily armed private security or live in some canton in Switzerland.

    If you want to solve the problems of Africa, the Philippines or Latin America, place them on birth control and get them to act responsibly and above all, the West should not foment wars there in order to exploit the land and its resources and displace these people.

  4. german by blood says:

    Citizenship is an form of slavery which gives country the right to tax what they claim is theirs property “citizens” and enforce rules and regulations upon them. Using U.S. as a example: They basically came to america made land claims and killed off the indians that have lived there for hundreds “if not longer” taking away their land and giving them little plots of land to live on “reservations” where they wouldn’t kill them! But at least they have citizenship. A person cant denounce their citizenship unless they are outside of the country and have a other citizenship. Even then they are still taxed for a other 7- 10 years, All the country have hopped on the passport wagon thus forcing everybody to follow the rules. As a society we have survived for thousand of years with out passports and forced citizenship so then why do we need it now?

  5. Sam says:

    I actually own the that website and I know you are talking about the unfinished page. Yes, that is just a place holder. We will have some information on Somalia soon! And not all of the guides needs information. I have updated about the first 10 or 12 articles to include information. We are working on making it a complete website.

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