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Mom, click here for the Internet

The internet at my home sometimes doesn’t work for a few days. Usually, I am happy about that because it leaves me with more time to read books. But last night, I would have needed some internet, so I took … Continue reading

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Who refuses to read my blog? The 33 missing countries.

In the right hand column of this blog you see a flag counter which records the number of visitors from each country. As of today, this blog has had visitors from 204 different countries. The US, Germany and the UK … Continue reading

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When I stepped on a landmine

I had heard about the danger of stepping on a landmine before, of course. I had read and heard reports about the many people to whom the same had happened, and I had felt sorry for them. But never had … Continue reading

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Wikipedia Blackout

Today, on 18 January 2012, Wikipedia and other sites have closed down and will blackout the internet for one day. They want to protest against a bill currently being considered by the US Congress: the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). … Continue reading

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Putting the real Apple into your Computer

Some technological advances make me shake my head with incredulity. After I have painfully learnt that some people talk about their computer when they talk about an “Apple”, they could now be referring to the real fruit after all: A … Continue reading

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Deathbed Thoughts

Although I have never been called to somebody’s deathbed to listen to his or her last words (and I probably would arrive too late anyway), I am absolutely certain that nobody ever died thinking: “I wish I had worked more.” … Continue reading

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