Guben 2021

Zur deutschen Fassung.

Dark, fog-shrouded streets. Police cars driving by every minute. Autumn leaves shimmering in the glow of the street lights. Only a few cars are sneaking through the streets, turning off their engines and lights as soon as the police come around the corner. The river divides the city into east and west. Every night, desperate people try to cross it. Some make it, some don’t. In Volkshaus Park, between the train station and the morgue, which eerily puts its corpses on public display, a dubious man is smoking a cigar.

Guben 2021 is like Berlin 1948.

A reader asked if Guben was even worth an article, thinking there wouldn’t be much to see in such a small town. But already after the first, short evening walk, I know that he will be surprised. That’s why I’m staying here for a week to explore this city in the center of world history, but of course also nearby Eisenhüttenstadt, Neuzelle, Forst and others.

As always, if any of you live around here – or on the Polish side of the river – and feel like a chat or a walk, get in touch!

About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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10 Responses to Guben 2021

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Love it.

  3. Perfect touch of Noir for the coming holiday🎃 I can’t wait to see what kind of trouble finds you😉😂

    • Oh yeah! I hadn’t even thought of Halloween, being the atheist that I am. – I should have waited with the post for a few days… But maybe I’ll go to the forest cemetery on Sunday.

      Here is the background on the current local trouble:
      When I went to the hostel, I was already worried I would have to share the room with those right-wing thugs. But I got the large dormitory, which had been reserved for the extra police, all to myself. The extra police wasn’t necessary, apparently. Or maybe they will come one evening and kick me out. :/

    • I remember reading about the people trying to get out of Belarus. The rise in right wing nuts seems to be getting worse everywhere☹

      American Halloween is all about candy for children. And parties and alcohol for young people. Costumes for everyone. My grandson will be be the old Adam West Batman, I’m to be Robin, and my daughter, his mother will be Batgirl. 😂
      I doubt most people even know it’s religious background.

  4. Just the place to find an extra body, or one missing. Very dubious, that man in the dark park

  5. ThingsHelenLoves says:

    Guben/Gubin has been on my travel list for ages. I actually like going to places that makes people say, ‘what on earth are you going there for??’ .

    I’d love to visit the Plastinarium, we’ve been to a couple of the Bodyworlds exhibitions and enjoyed the experience.

    • That is actually a very good guideline for going to places! Even in eastern Germany, everyone was wondering why I would stay in Guben/Gubin for a week, and honestly, initially it was the affordable hostel.

      But then, I found it really fascinating, especially because of the town being split right in the middle between Germany and Poland. Although you never lose orientation (the river is the border), after a few days, I sometimes was no longer conscious of which country I was in.

      Well, I am glad to know that at least one person will be looking forward to my full report about Guben/Gubin now! It should be coming in the next months. (And it will be beautiful because of all the autumn photos.)

    • Oh, and I am glad I discovered your blog, thanks to your comment!
      Herewith recommending it to other readers.

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