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A Lonely Walk in the Snow

Humans who are cold can’t really be beautiful. Nature can. It looks like the perfect day for a long walk, with the sun shining from above and being reflected by the snow on the ground. So much light, and so … Continue reading

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Loneliness doesn’t kill, people do.

If you want to lead a healthy life and avoid disease and early death, there is an abundance of medical studies with often conflicting advice. Once coffee is bad for you, then coffee is good for you. Once wine is … Continue reading

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Sad Things (3) Yahoo Messenger

When I started to use the internet in the late 1990s, I also signed up to the Yahoo messenger. It was an easy way to find like-minded people (and attractive girls) before the time of Facebook or Couchsurfing and I made … Continue reading

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Sad Things (2) E-Mail from an old Friend

This is sad: I receive an e-mail from an old friend with whom I haven’t had contact for years. I am excited. I open the e-mail, only to find out that they are contacting me in my capacity as a … Continue reading

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Life after Facebook

I don’t want to pretend that I came to the decision to leave Facebook after much deliberation and after carefully weighing the pros and cons, the privacy concerns and shallowness of many of the posts and the wasted time with … Continue reading

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