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At the Cigar Shop – 50 Years later

I had gone to Huéscar for market day, thinking I might as well look for my favorite Spanish newspaper, El Pais. It would find it at the tobacco shop, I was told. As I entered the store, just around the … Continue reading

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These two guys have a communication problem.

Clint Eastwood talking to Barack Obama: Barack Obama listening to Clint Eastwood: It would help if the two gentlemen could agree on a venue and a time before speaking with each other.

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Easily Confused (4) Men with Chairs

The copy: The original:

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Easily confused, # 3

The Old Man and the Sea: The Old Man and the Seat: I am no big fan of Ernest Hemingway and I am usually a big fan of Clint Eastwood, but between these two options I prefer option no. 1.

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