Winter in Calgary

A brief update for those concerned about my Canadian winter: it’s cold, but it’s no problem. Between severe cold and sweltering heat, I prefer Siberia over Samoa.

minus 24.JPGYesterday morning, I walked for two hours in minus 26 degrees Celsius. That’s minus 15 in Fahrenheit, and that scale isn’t even supposed to go into negative territory ever.

But wearing three pairs of pants, five layers on top, the good gloves thankfully left by the homeowners, and a scarf given to me by an apparently rather traditional woman who thinks that my face should be veiled at all times, it actually didn’t feel that cold. Except that my eyelashes were frozen and I had to keep closing my eyes to melt the ice.

trees frozen Calgary.JPG

Cycling is also still perfectly possible, and the bikes have been equipped with extra gloves attached to the handlebars.

bikes winterbikes winter glove

The interesting thing about such temperatures is how quickly one gets used to them. Now, when it’s only minus 10, I feel like in spring and almost forget to wear a jacket. And when the sun comes out, as it often does to make this winter even more beautiful, I sit outside with a book. Not for a long time though, admittedly.

Fluss Sonne Calgary.JPG

And every night, there is yet more snow. Inches and feet of it every night.

The City of Calgary has organized a snow-shoveling competition to make the civic duty appear more fun.


These guys may be fast and fierce and competitive, but when it comes to quantity, nobody can beat me. I have been shoveling snow three times a day on some days, and it has been piling up so high that it blocks part of the road already.

pile of snow.JPG

I have been to countries where their highest mountains are less impressive.


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15 Responses to Winter in Calgary

  1. Nice photos! Thanks for sharing!

  2. David says:

    Looks like you were doing some curling…

  3. Snart says:

    I knew you will enjoy winter in Canada. This is the best time to walk and it is bright most of the time and the air is crispy and clean. I did one hour and 30 min every day after work in -26 to -28. A tip: put some butter on your face – shea butter or just some kind of fat. Enjoy and thanks for sharing.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Try not to overdo it though. I mean the walking when it is toooo cold.

    • For long walks, I will still pick the mild and sunny days.

      But I find the walks in the cold quite refreshing, actually. Like swimming in an ice-cold river, with a view of the mountains, and a fresh shave with the water that is coming directly from the Rocky Mountains. I imagine.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The anonymous was actually me – snart. No idea how I’ve become anonymous.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Oh yes. I did not think about that. LOL

  7. Anonymous says:

    I am sure there is some plant or animal butter in the house somewhere. You just have to find it or borrow from the neighbours.

    • I do have butter, but I just don’t like the idea of putting it in my face.
      Now, memories are re-awakening of my parents putting some cow fat on my face in winter… That was weird.

  8. Snart says:

    Not weird at all. Your parents did good. Just try not to damage your skin. Well, enjoy it with or without butter.

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