Shaped by Gender Discrimination

I had gotten up early on Sunday morning. I was all energetic and fired up. I had put a motivational cassette tape into the walkman. I was ready to run, to lift weights, to punch the bag, to push-up and to sweat.

But when I got to the gym, they told me it’s for women only.

I kept walking around the neighborhood in Calgary, quite a workout in itself, but faced the same problem at each gym I attempted to visit: women only. GoodLife, Curves and many others apply this apartheid-like policy.

Slightly fed up, I decided to join the next club that would not discriminate against men. It was a Papa John’s.


And thus, with a quest for fitness, began my path to fatness.


About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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15 Responses to Shaped by Gender Discrimination

  1. Sweetu Rocks says:

    OMG 😳 Women’s gym point is cute funny 😄 But I’m impressed with your blog. Because you are making nice fitness day plan for your health.☺ This is a wonderful bro 🙋 because many people tried to be lazy at Sunday morning . but you properly doing that all for fitness . that good🙆 …

  2. Sweetu Rocks says:

    Next time you do the yoga first at home 🙆 then go for gym . because your exercise will be OK 👍 and your day plan will be rock 🏄🏀 ☺

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Andreas, this is a symptom of a puritanical idea that women cannot relax and be themselves with men around. As a German you know we walk around naked in coed saunas. I have seen more vaginas-that-aren‘t-my-wife‘s than I care to. They are almost always vaginas I wish I had not seen.

    • Although I am German, I personally cannot enjoy myself around anybody who is naked. So I would like to take this opportunity to announce to the world that I am not like those weird Germans.

  4. How’s a woman only gym even a thing? What’s the official and non-official explanation for that?

    • Iza Kan says:

      Maybe to much lonley boys who want just look at some part of body…or just was a woman day is this place…

    • In America women can choose to think of themselves as an oppressed minority group even though they are 50% of the population and have all the same rights. I don’t personally know any women who actually believe that, but I’ve seen it at my University quite a few times.

    • People who have the same rights can still be assaulted, harrassed or discriminated. Even a large majority can suffer that fate (see apartheid).

  5. Iza Kan says:

    Did you find gmo in food there? What do you think about food in Canada?

  6. Forget the women’s only gyms, the most shocking part about this blog for me is the part where it says “I put a cassette in my walkman”!

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