Armenian Patriotism

Zur deutschen Fassung dieses Artikels.

This summer, during the Football World Cup, I was in Kraków, where I met an Armenian friend studying in Poland.

When she said she needed to go home to watch the World Cup, I naturally assumed that she would support the Polish team. As always in sports that require more effort than moving wooden pieces across a board while smoking a lot, Armenia hadn’t qualified.

“We are all cheering for Colombia,” she corrected me, leaving me wondering. I knew there was a city called Armenia in Colombia, but that wasn’t it.

She explained: “When you turn the Colombian flag upside down, it looks similar to the Armenian flag. So, when Colombia is playing, we turn the TV sets upside down and imagine that it’s a stadium full of Armenians.”

colombian flag.jpg


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  • And one day, when I will find the time, there will be plenty more articles about Poland, about Armenia and about Colombia, all of which are fascinating countries. But Armenia is definitely the funniest of them all.

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8 Responses to Armenian Patriotism

  1. ZaCook says:

    Too bad Chad stinks at soccer worst than Romania, we wouldn’t even have to turn the TV sets upside down!

  2. Bill Baugh says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    Do they also tuck their „equipment“ and pretend to be female?

  4. says:

    How many days can I make a round-the-world trip? Which route would you choose?

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