Canada has real winters, it seems.

My next house- and cat-sitting job will take me to Calgary in Canada during the deepest winter, from December to March. I knew that it would be cold and full of snow, of course, and it’s actually what I have been looking forward to. Because cold winters are good for productivity, as I can’t go for long walks and sit in the park all day. So, you, dear readers, should expect many more articles this winter.

But then, a friend from Cochrane, close to Calgary, sent this photo taken on October 2nd and I got slightly worried.

Edward Allen 2-Oct.jpg

If this is the beginning of autumn, I wonder what real winter will look – and feel – like in Canada.

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Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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36 Responses to Canada has real winters, it seems.

  1. Snart says:

    Go for it Andreas. It is bright and beautiful, cosy inside and cold outside.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Lol yep very cold no where to go but stay home if possible, welcome to Canada, from a German exile living in Quebec. always nice to read you…so im glad you honking down…☺️

  3. Sydney says:

    Pack a toque, mittens, scarf, fleece longjohns, and invest in a good pair of Sorel winter boots ;) You can also order an incredibly snuggly pair of authentic First Nation made mucklucks from Manitoba Mucklucks!

    Good news is Calgary is known for its warm winter chinooks that blow through :)

    Welcome to Canada 🇨🇦Moses!
    Hope to get a chance to meet you in person during your visit

    • When you say “warm”, do you mean it’s only zero degrees? 😉

      If you are in or near Calgary, we can definitely meet! I will be there for three full months.

  4. timburford says:

    Cities like Calgary are totally set up for winter – don’t worry. If you have the use of a car you can drive from one warm garage to another and never go outside. I lived two winters in Anchorage AK.

    • Wow. Anchorage in winter, that’s the next level.

      I won’t have a car, but I will only live a few blocks away from a major local transport bus station.

    • Anonymous says:

      Know that on those buses will be you and proud people like me in „service industries“. Middle class and up do not use these buses. They drive in their personally owned car, alone, from warm place to warm place. Very soft folk.

    • All the more reason to get on those buses!
      Because I prefer to be with regular folks instead of people who think they are better and thus pollute the environment, clog up the roads and divide society.

  5. gabe says:

    True, Calgary’s winters might be real, but here in Winnipeg winters are longer, colder and sunnier. Just make sure you get and walk. You’ll love it.

    • Good to know that winters in Winnipeg last longer, because I will only get there in April. ☺️☃️

      After the house-sit in Calgary will finish in March, I am planning to go east by train, with many stops along the way.

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  7. Looks like a snowy adventure :-D Your friend has funny photos.

  8. What if they see this and change their mind?

  9. Getting “cold feet” about it?

  10. You’ll be fine! A great opportunity for snowshoeing and skiing!

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  13. Beautiful pics and weather!
    Please check my blogs too and spread love!

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  15. I cackled to myself reading your other post about Canada and your delusions about flowers and skirts in March 😁 Also the friendliest Canadianz are in the Maritimes 😉 I’m Canadian and was bafffled by the Maritimers when I moved East! I think you will love Canadian winter. Dress well, wear good boots and you’ll be fine. The Rockies are beautiful and worth braving thr cold for. Lots of wildlife up there. Last winter a friend of mine had a week of -42C. Thats cold even for us haha, but do not be surprised by the -30s. I hope you enjoy Canada! I would recommend you visit Quebec for its deep cultural contrast from the rest of Canada and the Maritimes of course. If you have a German drivers license you can rent a car in canada and your license will be valid. Best way yo see it coast to coast is driving. Its a long drive but very interesting. If you opt for the train, get the access to the car with the view!

    • But maybe in April, hopefully? 😉

      I am on the train from Vancouver to Edmonton now, and it’s absolutely fantastic! I don’t even want to get off.

      Going further east and then returning to Toronto is another option indeed. It would be nice to see a bit of Canada from coast to coast.

      I brought my driving license, just in case, but usually the cars are too expensive. So I will probably be the guy standing by the side of the road, trying to catch a ride. 👍

    • Haha yes, April starts to show hope for spring 😁 Hitchhiking is a good option. Not one I ever chose myself, but we picked up several hitch hikers when driving across the country so hopefully you come across plenty of people as friendly as me hahaha 😀 If you decide to come East, let me know. I may be able to give a few insider scoops depending on where you go. Oh! A relative also rents out a nice little cottage on the Northumberland shore, if you are interested in that I could put in a good word for you! Looking forward to hearing all about Canada through your perspective!

  16. I could not handle the cold 🥶.

    • So far, it has only been a bit below zero, but mostly sunny, so I am still going out. When there is a strong wind, it’s tough.
      But at home, it’s cozy. So I hope I will get more writing done than in warmer regions.

    • Thanks for taking the time to send me a comment. I appreciate it.

  17. CC says:

    Hhaha yes snow like that usually hits (at least in Toronto) around late January to mid February

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  19. Wow! that’s beautiful real winter. Brings back beautiful picturesque memories from my days in NJ/NYC. And guess what? there was a pic from the patio dining area from some restaurant shared by a friend who was on a business trip to either Toronto or Regina (unable to recall exactly) last month. I am sure being from Dallas, a view like this must have added up to his excitement. Like always, enjoyed reading :-)


    • If he/she was from Texas, that surely must have seemed like a different world to them!

      I prefer spring, summer and fall because I can spend more time outside, I can go on longer walks, I need to wear and carry less, and if I get lost, I can always spend a night outside.
      But if there is a winter, then a real winter is the most beautiful thing. And I need a few months to read, write and study every year anyway.

    • I am an outdoor person as well and couldn’t have agreed more about my love for summer/spring that surely gives us much awaited options to be explored

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