Who predicted the Result of the Referendum in Bolivia?

I did:

prediction Twitter

And the result:

resultado 22Feb2016


About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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5 Responses to Who predicted the Result of the Referendum in Bolivia?

  1. Merieke says:

    I hope that you can see through the official numbers…. Unfortunately there is a lot of fraud and you will see that in a few hours the SI will win.

    • So far, the NO vote seems to be surging.

    • Merieke says:

      Yes, I´m glad that NO is winning. I was really afraid that the fraud would be in that scale that the SI would win. A lot of people feared that, because it happened before. But luckily now the NO is to overwelming to change the numbers.

  2. brokenradius says:

    You should do professional betting. Although the odds for NO were pretty low. I.e. to win a few hundred of Euro or Peseta, you would have to stake perhaps 10 000 or so. Its better to bet against the odds, when the common opinion is wrong, and you have some expert knowledge (I am waiting for your guess of the Brexit referendum on June 23rd)..
    When I saw the copy of your facebook post with your guess, I recognize it quotes you as AndreasMoser 007. Maybe you have some more accounts (AndreasMoser 001 ….Andreas Moser 010), each one with another bet. So for any potential outcome of the referendum you could present the apparantly right guess, right ? Old card trick, I know ;-)

    • Haha, no, the number 007 in my Twitter account was necessary because there are so many people called “Andreas Moser”, and I am always one of the last to sign up for accounts with Facebook, Twitter and so on.

      It’s hard for me to predict anything (sensibly) without being in the country, so I am not sure I will weigh in on the Brexit referendum.

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