No wonder I got sick!

The last few days I’ve been rather sick.

That’s a personal piece of information with which I wouldn’t normally bother the readers of my blog.

But then I discovered the reason why I have fallen sick just now: some crazy organisation did indeed declare 11 February to be the World Day of the Sick. What a stupid idea!


I have spent too much time in the bathroom these days.

(Click on the photo to see the full opening sequence of Casino Royale, including deleted footage.)


About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a journalist, a spy or a hobo.
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11 Responses to No wonder I got sick!

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  2. Cinzia says:

    You don’t know why on 11 February, do you?

  3. Cinzia says:

    Thank you for the respect! Adieu!

  4. Robert says:

    You’re pretty much a douche aren’t you? It’s a shame. You’ve done so much for people. A lot of good things. I read your entire blog and found two statements that make it jarringly clear you don’t like or even hate women and now this. What happened? Bad relationship? Mommy problems? You seem like an incredibly smart guy. I think that that Selena Perez poster has you pegged exactly. I just hope you don’t take anyone with you when you go.

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  6. brokenradius says:

    I think the pope and comments on this blog got confused by mixing “sick” and “ill”. I doubt that mankind needs a day to honour or commemorate those who are sick. Because sickness is usually a temporal state, lick catching cold, nausea, sea-sickness, or hang-over. What the pope and the UN had in mind was a day to respect illness, which referes to chronic, fatal diseases, sometimes afflicting people from birth on, very often resulting in social or professional discrimination. In German language, there are no different terms for this, but in English there are. One would never say “I feel ill today after yesterdays party” or “ill after I catched cold”. And similarily, one also would not make jokes about really ill people.
    regards, Michael

  7. dino bragoli says:

    Oh my random chance!
    Believers thank God for recovering from an illness but never thank God for getting ill in the first place.
    If that doesn’t defy logic what does?

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