Why I want to learn Italian

I want to learn Italian because it can save lives and prevent espionage plots from being uncovered:

A scene from “Inglourious Basterds” in which three US soldiers posing as Italians are introduced by a German actress to a Colonel of the SS who catches everyone by surprise with his fluent Italian.

If you haven’t seen “Inglourious Basterds” yet, watch it! It is one of the best films of the last years. It is worth to watch it for the performance of Christoph Waltz alone, and then one more time just for the film music.

On the subject of this post, I actually had Italian at school for one semester and therefore know the basics, but I would love to learn it again and much more in-depth. Maybe I will move to Italy next.

About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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18 Responses to Why I want to learn Italian

  1. John Erickson says:

    You could move from Malta to Sicily, keep the Mediterranean island concept going. Or if you’re adventurous (and I know you are ;) ) you could try to learn a little bit of the North African languages, and become our on-the-spot correspondent from Lampedusa. I’d LOVE to get a first-hand insight into the melding/clashing of cultures between the residents and the refugees fleeing the chaos of the “Arab spring”.

  2. Mary Straub says:

    I am really surprised you liked this movie….

    It was heavily criticized in many circles and it seemed to have had only the following of those who just admire Quentin Tarantino regardless of what he directs. And because he has a large following, the movie was highly publicized.

    But if you really pay close attention to the undertones and the script/dialog (in English) – you would see that it is a huge insult (attack) on the German people in general – and not just the Nazis.

    (And please don’t get too brutal with your reply…I don’t want to have a heated debate – just a friendly exchange… :)

    • I think “Inglourious Basterds” is almost a perfect movie: great composition, great acting, fantastic soundtrack. I found the film to be very artistic.

      If Germans are criticised for their behaviour between 1933 and 1945, I think this is justified. Except for the German victims of the Nazis and for the few people in opposition, Germans were largely complicit, and if it was only by remaining passive in the face of obvious immorality and mass murder inside and outside of the country.

      This reminds me of the book “Alone in Berlin” which I highly recommend. It is a superb thriller based very closely on actual events.

    • dino bragoli says:

      Seeing this clip me laugh out loud and think of a couple of ‘great escape’ phrases in Italian, excuse the pun:
      ‘Cosa posso dire!’ and ‘Cosa posso fare!’ but you must sing them at near full volume with hand gestures, a smile and an embracing hug…

  3. travelingmad says:

    Lol. That’s a pretty funny scene. I’ve never seen the movie. Looks pretty good though. I am struggling with languages myself. I’m living in France and having a terrible time trying to speak it! If you move to Italy go to the south. I hear it’s nicer there :)

    • I think you would really like the film as it mainly plays in France and some of the dialogue is in French. Christoph Waltz is an impressive actor who is fluent in English, German, French and Italian in this film.

  4. Lilybets says:

    In Malta you could learn a bit of Italian,but no Italian genuine pronunciation.In the film is so strange !Good luck !

    • Selena Perez says:

      Andreas. Andreas. Andreas. When will you learn? This blog is a perfect crystallisation of who you want to be AND how you want OTHERS to behave. This is because you simply do not understand how other human beings truly work because you actually believe you can come to some general conclusion about them and their behaviours. Once you categorise and “figure it out” it’s done, you don’t need to re visit it because you never think you can be wrong.

      For someone who revels in living a solitary life, you’re clearly so unhappy. In (very contradictory terms) although you love talking about being alone and challenging common social norms (Wedding day/marriage: No way!!!, Suicide: That’s OK!etc.etc.) with an underlying implication that it is better off to be on your own smoking a f*((* cigar and reading a book….. this blog just advertises your snapshots and thoughts to 20k + people in a public fashion. Why do you feel the need to preach your own stupid
      values and show off how wonderfully “free” your life is?

      You are not free. You are alone.
      You do not love anyone and no one loves you back. That is so sad.

      I bet you hardly talk to your parents or siblings (if you have any, I bet you just think they are “stupid”). I bet you hardly have anygood friends, except maybe one that has known you for a long time that you may inform where you are from time to time. But you’re not really close with him. I assume it is a “him” because there is absolutely no way in hell you have any close “girl” friends. You don’t want kids. You don’t want marriage. You are the ultimate commitment-phobe. Why? Because you are probably the most SELFISH person I have ever seen blog on the internet. Life is about balance in my view. You are totally imbalanced. You attempt to live a life the way you want to. Constraint free. So I bet anyone that gets close to you, you just push away. People in the end are always “constraining” one’s values, time, beliefs, freedom. You do not accept this. THis is why you like to photo yourself alone somewhere pretty. Being close to Nature is the only thing that could possibly make you feel alive. But at some stage you will realise what a terrible mistake you are making with your life.

      That loving someone else and them loving you back is the only way you can feel real vlaue in the world. I bet you never feel alone – that’s fine – it’s nice to be alone and to never feel lonely. I never feel lonely wherever I am. One day you will realise the pointlessness of it all when you travel to all these beautiful places. And you have no one to share them with. You will cry. Then you think its best to kill yourself. Or to write a book. But you’re too selfish and uninterested in other people to write a book. You like concepts. That’s why philosophy appeals to you.

      You’re so completely screwed up I could keep going to disentangle you but i can’t be bothered. You’re done man. DONE.

    • What’s the connection to learning Italian?

    • Stefan MD says:

      Wow what a rant. Live and let live woman. Don’t judge others by your own values I would say.

  5. Lynn M says:

    You don’t need to move to Italy to learn Italian. We speak the language perfectly right here in Malta :-)

  6. Here Italian is taught in secondary schools and nearly everyone speaks it to some extent because of our exposure to Italian media, namely RAItv and Mediaset (Silvio Berlusconi’s tv network)..among others. We get these stations for free as Italy transmits to Lampedusa which is further south than Malta (nearer to Africa)! Strange but true! We had been receiving Italian stations before we had our own Maltese national station! Most students at secondary school opt for Italian as a language to study as they deem it easy – because they have in mind that they already know the basics through TV. Before the introduction of Cable and Digital TV, and later, Satellite, most kids got their children’s programs such as cartoons from the Italian media – and it was quite frustrating to hear them call Batman pronouced in Italian (buttmunn) or Tomb Raider (Tom B RIDER)! Some are so brainwashed with the Italian media that they even name their babies in English names but pronounced in Italian – as they don’t know differntly, cos they only heard the name pronounced in Italian. One such name is Dylan – which in Italian is pronounced Dee Lunn! I used to end up arguing with kids at school because they insisted to pronounce their names incorrectly – and looked at me as some alien who did not know what I was talking about!!

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