Random Thoughts (13)

  1. Where exactly is the line between the Near East, the Middle East and the Far East
  2. I am so old-school, when I am in a remote location, I miss newspapers more than the internet.
  3. I have never received as many Couchsurfing invitations as in Colombia.
  4. If you need to learn being patient, postpone it to next year. That’s a good first lesson in patience.
  5. I admit that I use Tinder, but mainly for learning Spanish.
  6. But sometimes, it also helps to get a feeling for a city: in Cartagena in Colombia, half the girls on Tinder are prostitutes. Sad city. So bad that the rest of the women feel the need to mention that they are not prostitutes.
  7. I can’t afford other ways of adrenaline, so I have to wait for natural disasters.
  8. If you set your computer’s location to Afghanistan, you get bombarded with less adverting.
  9. One day, the majority of people may find it gross or obviously morally wrong to kill animals to eat them.
  10. But this might take longer in the Republic of Georgia, where patrons of a vegan restaurant were disturbed by a mob of people who pelted sausages and meat at them.
  11. Even in the 1990s, my grandmother in Germany believed that I would die if I didn’t eat meat. My counterargument about the millions of people in India who never ate meat and lived until old age didn’t convince her because, as she put it: “You are not an Indian.”
  12. Anyway, I am alive now and my grandmother isn’t, so I won the argument.
  13. I have no fixed plans beyond June.
  14. Macedonia is becoming increasingly interesting. Maybe I will move there after my return to Europe.
  15. The story about an FBI translator who secretly traveled to Syria to marry Denis Cuspert, the German ISIS recruiter, is crazy. But if a white, middle-aged American woman who makes no secret of working for the FBI can travel around ISIS territory unharmed, maybe it’s not that dangerous there after all.

About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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2 Responses to Random Thoughts (13)

  1. Adina Moisei says:

    Good question (no1). As about language skills, you can practice your Spanish and Romanian with me xD. If I need a Tinder account for it, so be it! Hasta la vista!

    • After I noticed how relatively easy it has been to learn Spanish, I am much more confident that I will learn Romanian the next time I will live in Romania.

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