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Did you notice the Irony? (15) Praying for Iraq

I wonder if religious people notice the irony of praying for help against other religious people. What is God supposed to do when he/she/it receives prayers from the Islamic fundamentalists who ask him/her/it to help conquer Iraq as well as from Christians or … Continue reading

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Why is there such a mess in Iraq?

A country rich in oil, one of the cradles of human civilization, bestowed with a democracy and rule of law which it received from the benevolent world community. That is Iraq. Why is this country deteriorating? Why is there a … Continue reading

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“I ran Iraq for 24 years, and all I got was a port named after me?”

When I saw this in Tallinn, I wondered why on earth any city would name its harbour after Saddam Hussein. Especially so far away from Iraq. Until I realized that “sadam” is Estonian for “harbour”. (Zur deutschen Fassung dieses Fundstücks.)

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This scammer watched “Three Kings” too often.

Scammers seem to be shifting from Africa to the Middle East. After I was recently contacted by “the attorney of Hosni Mubarak”, I received the following, purportedly from Iraq: From: “SGT DALE KING” Sent: Mo, 28.03.2011, 23:13 Subject: From; Sgt. … Continue reading

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What Sarah Shourd can’t say (yet)

Sarah Shourd, the American woman who was hiking in the Iraq-Iran border region last year and was arrested on that occasion and who subsequently spent 13 months in a prison in Iran, was finally released on 14 September 2010 without ever … Continue reading

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Ed, you are too late for the protest.

Dear Ed Miliband, congratulations on becoming Labour leader, even if it might have irreparably strained relationships with those whom you professed to “love”. If that’s worth it for you, that’s your decision. But what really struck me is that you … Continue reading

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