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Did you notice the Irony? (14) Mario Costeja González

Mario Costeja González from Spain won his case against Google before the European Court of Justice regarding the “right to be forgotten”. He had asked Google to remove information from its search results about a repossession in 1998. The underlying debt has … Continue reading

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Is it already International Women’s Day?

When I went to the Google search today, I saw this and thought “oh, it must be International Women’s Day“, because what else could the knitting of a scarf with a glove symbolize. To my surprise, Google had something else … Continue reading

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Google Reader, 2005-2013

Google Reader was probably the best invention by Google (much better than Google Glass, and in my mind also better than the search engine which turned billions of people into lazy students without proper research skills). I used it almost … Continue reading

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Better than Google Glass

Google, the small and friendly company, which just endeared itself to us again by announcing the imminent discontinuation of Google Reader, will bring a new toy to the market later this year: Google Glass. These are glasses which have been … Continue reading

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