Is it already International Women’s Day?

When I went to the Google search today, I saw this

doodle knitting scarf

and thought “oh, it must be International Women’s Day“, because what else could the knitting of a scarf with a glove symbolize.

To my surprise, Google had something else in mind: they use this doodle to celebrate the first day of winter. I was briefly ashamed because of my stereotypical thinking about the activities of women in their spare time. But only very briefly, so don’t worry.

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5 Responses to Is it already International Women’s Day?

  1. Choo Tsiao Kung says:

    I made Bing my home page since Google years ago they canceled coloured cacheing, which was so useful.

    • dino bragoli says:

      I use Firefox because of the exceptional free ad blocker, they only thing is, now I don’t see the rather informative ads, I might miss something important… How will I survive without Miley Cyrus in my life?

  2. Annegret says:

    Der Internationale Frauentag ist der 8. März. Für den Winteranfang finde ich das Stricken eines Schals gelungen!

  3. dino bragoli says:

    The empowerment of women is the cure for poverty.

  4. Not to worry! This most enjoyable craft is probably mostly practiced by women, but there are men out there who also know the satisfaction of creating with of all types of needlework.

    A comment on the solstice – being from Alaska, we pay great attention to such things because the change in light is so extreme. I am in Mexico now, and a women said to me ” This is the longest night of the year for you Alaskans.” And I said, ” We never think of it as the longest night, it is always the shortest day.”

    As with everything, it’s all a matter of perspective.

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