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The Island of the General

In November 1860, Giuseppe Garibaldi could have asked for anything. He had begun a campaign with less than a thousand men, but had marched from victory to victory. He had ignited enthusiasm for an idea that had seemed unrealistic until … Continue reading

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Video: Robinson Crusoe

Sometimes, when I am stranded on a new island and I walk along the beach for hours to see if there is anyone else who is still alive or if I can find some food, I feel like Robinson Crusoe. … Continue reading

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But cigars are permitted

I discovered this rather selective smoking ban in a deserted village on the island of Caprera off Sardinia.

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Video: Discovering a Deserted Island

As you can see, the island was quite beautiful – apart from the spooky things which had obviously occurred there. Wonderful beaches, coconut and banana trees, sunshine, a light breeze. Paradise. Why didn’t I stay? There was no library. (Zur deutschen Fassung … Continue reading

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