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What do you expect from 2015?

No, I don’t mean wishes like health, world peace or the absence of world peace (for the weapons manufacturers among my readers). Nor petit-bourgeois wishes like a rise in salary, a new car or that the children won’t become jihadists. What I … Continue reading

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My Blog is a Millionaire

Four years ago, on a drab winter day, I was sitting in my room in Southwark, an unremarkable part of London, when I decided to set up this blog. I had already published many articles and several books Until then, I had only written … Continue reading

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Looking for a Place to Write

“When are you going to send us your new articles?” editors from Delhi to New York inquire, their voices filled with anticipation and urgency. Readers from Hamburg to Pretoria browse the papers they just purchased at the newsstand, looking for an … Continue reading

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Did you notice the Irony? (17) Robots

“Please prove you are not a robot,” I am being asked – by a robot.

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Who refuses to read my blog? The 33 missing countries.

In the right hand column of this blog you see a flag counter which records the number of visitors from each country. As of today, this blog has had visitors from 204 different countries. The US, Germany and the UK … Continue reading

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Should I get a Twitter?

For years, people asked me if I have a Twitter. I always answered “no”. It took me until recently to realize that this seems to be one of these new fancy technological gadgets. But even after I realized that, the … Continue reading

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Violating Section 127 of the UK Communications Act 2003

One could argue that parts of this blog are in violation of Section 127 of the UK Communications Act 2003. 127 Improper use of public electronic communications network (1) A person is guilty of an offence if he— (a) sends … Continue reading

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How to Pay for this Blog

Both you as the reader and me as the writer enjoy this blog: I enjoy writing for you to inform, educate, entertain and distract you. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and receiving your thoughtful comments about them. I enjoy travelling … Continue reading

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How people found my blog

Some people find my blog because they have subscribed to it (do the same to spice up your life!), some get the alerts about new posts (and much more) through my Facebook page and some people find me through search … Continue reading

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