How people found my blog

Some people find my blog because they have subscribed to it (do the same to spice up your life!), some get the alerts about new posts (and much more) through my Facebook page and some people find me through search engines.

WordPress shows me the search terms that people entered into Google, Yahoo! or other search engines which subsequently landed them on my blog. Search terms like Andreas Moser or Andreas Moser blog are among the entries you would expect, just as world’s best blog, smart blog or funny blog.

The most interesting searches are those that pose a direct question. I actually hadn’t realised that some people enter full questions into Google, just as if they could speak with their computer. Here are some examples from 2011:

why are hot girls dumb?

why are hot girls stupid?

are stupid girls hot?

and similar variations is a question on the mind of a great many people. This is something that I luckily have the definitive answer to.

are the riots still going on in London

was asked 40 times, probably in August 2011. I can assure you, it’s safe to travel to London again. The riots were over after four days. Actually, it was also safe to travel to London during the riots. As always, they looked much worse on TV than from on location. I still don’t know why people google for information like this instead of going to a news website. You should however avoid London in 2012 because due to the Olympic Games, the city will be more crowded than ever. That is one reason why I moved away.

why do I hate Christmas

was asked 9 times. It is really sad when people have to google for the reasons behind their own feelings. I can only tell you my opinion about Christmas.

how to divorce in Germany

how long does a divorce take in Germany

are recurring requests. Please read my FAQ about divorce law in Germany.

obtaining German citizenship

how to get German passport

German citizenship through marriage

and similar terms fall into the same category. Please read my FAQ about German citizenship law.

Five people asked

was war die Wehrpflicht

which translates as “what was conscription?” which shows that people forget rather quickly because Germany only abolished military conscription in July 2011. The article about my experience with conscription (and how I avoided it) is unfortunately only available in German.

Some people asked

why girls don’t answer the phone

to which I don’t really know the answer. I can however suggest that their reasons might be similar to the reasons why I don’t answer my phone.

Read this and you will die

don’t read this or you die

are somewhat strange requests, methinks. Did these readers try to commit suicide by reading a blog? Instead they had to read about correlation and causation.

where is Malta

is a question which I actually prefer people to google it instead of them asking me personally. After my move to Malta, I got the question “where is Malta?” so often and grew so tired of explaining it, that I devoted a whole blog post to it. It is shocking how many people don’t know where Malta is. After all, it’s a country, not just a village.

within a retributivist sentencing system is it justifiable for courts to sentence more harshly those who commit an offence in the context of a riot?

is my favourite question. Articulate, interesting, topical, a complete sentence. For the answer, I will make you read my essay on the philosophy of punishment.

To the question

Andreas Moser gay

I can say “no” just as well as to

Moser Andreas polygamy

although I did write one article about polygamy in Libya.

Those who searched for

explanations for the gender pay gap

found this interesting analysis of why women still earn less than men.

A few asked

what is psychological continuity

and luckily I once wrote an essay about psychological continuity although it might confuse you more than answer the question.

Three times the question

do space shuttles run on nuclear power

was posed. I recommend watching a space shuttle launch (oh wait, they don’t use space shuttles any more, so I’ll post a video here) and then you will have a pretty clear indication what they run on.

I am not an engineer, but this doesn’t look like nuclear power to me. But I may be biased because I am against nuclear power.

The answer to the question

who denies the Holocaust

is unfortunately “still too many” and even more negate the causality behind the Holocaust, how many in Germany and beyond were actively involved in the mass murder, or they pretend that no lessons have to be drawn from history. I have this short reply to Holocaust denial.

As you saw, a thousand different ways lead to my blog which indicates that it is a really worthwhile read; or that search engines don’t work too well.

About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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  1. Minihaus says:

    DAS ist doch mal eine SEO-freundliche Unterseite! Respekt! :)

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