Film Review: “Top Gun Maverick”

I can keep this short:

A boring macho-kitschy movie, where half-dead actors are put on stage in a vain attempt to reanimate plots that have been dead for a long time.

The only good thing is that the flying seems to have been real, none of that computer-aided crap.

If you are interested in Navy aviation, I can recommend a really good book, though: “Another Great Day at Sea” by Geoff Dyer. In fact, this is a delightful read even if you are not at all interested in aviation, as Dyer uses his stay on an aircraft carrier to delve into sociology, economics, religion and the American psyche. Observing and story-telling at its best!


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Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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8 Responses to Film Review: “Top Gun Maverick”

  1. I liked the original. I had a vested interest though since I lived next to the base where the real Top Gun school was. Those guys were forever flying over the houses and rattling the windows with their sonic booms, even though they weren’t supposed to.

    Tom Cruise with his Scientology stuff pretty much put me off. I used to like him as an actor, but not so much anymore 🤷🏼‍♀️

    I’ll happily give this movie a pass. I have better things to do with the time and money😂😂

    • In retrospect, the original was cheesy and kitschy too. But it was the 1980s, so we didn’t notice. 🙃

      I really like Tom Cruise as an actor, especially because he does most of the stunts himself.
      And because of “A Few Good Men”.

      The sound of fighter jets is music in my ears. Whenever I hear one, I run outside to relish its sight.
      But maybe that fascination would wear off if I had lived next door to them, too.

  2. danysobeida says:

    Quiero salir de la curiosidad! De jóvenes nos gusto mucho a mis compañeras de colegio y a mi por supuesto. Y claro a la juventud en general, muchos jóvenes optaron por el colegio de aviación por causa de Top Gun.

    • Evidentamente Tom Cruise tenía una gran influencia por todas nuestras carreras, porque yo elegí estudiar derecho después de ver “Cuestión de Honor”.
      Por casualidad, muchos anos después, en 2001/2002, trabajaba como abogado en el ejercito estadounidense.

    • danysobeida says:

      No evitar sentir respeto y hasta admiración por tu trayectoria. Sabes? Con mucho recorrido profesional y hoy has decidido seguir la carrera de viajero.

  3. Sukanya Ramanujan says:

    I like aeroplanes and aviation, so much so I worked in aviation for six years. But I’ll pass on Top Gun. I like many of Tom Cruise’s movies especially the sci-fi ones- minority report, war of the worlds, edge of tomorrow…

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