Walking from Kötzting to Viechtach

Zur deutschen Fassung.

That should be an easy walk, I thought, as there is a river connecting the two towns in the Bavarian Forest.

Well, there is a river. But there ain’t always a path. So I had to climb a bit. I had to walk through poison ivy. I got wet, muddy and exhausted.

It was a great day!

In the rest of the valley, from Viechtach to Gotteszell, they reactivated the old railway line, which is much more comfortable, of course. But that’s for another article.

And yes, this summer’s 9-euro ticket is also valid on scenic train journeys like this one.


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Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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8 Responses to Walking from Kötzting to Viechtach

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  2. What gorgeous scenery! Thank you!!
    Do you happen to know what kind of reptile that was. I have a pet Bearded Dragon and like reptile… with the exception of venomous snakes! The non venomous ones are okay, and I’ve had snakes in the past.

  3. bradfonseca says:

    Thank you for another excellent “trip in photos”. I will have to come to Germany to visit Bavaria. Where did you have lunch?

    • Thank YOU for your donation!

      Bavaria is ready quite beautiful, although I think it becomes even more interesting once you cross the border into the Czech Republic.

      The lunch break was at a place renting rowing boats on a reservoir built for a hydro-electricity dam. Photo no. 4 shows the power plant on the dam. It’s been there for almost a hundred years, construction began in 1923.

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