Flowery Warnings on the Flower Islands

Diesen Artikel gibt es natürlich auch auf Deutsch. Einfach hier klicken.

The Azores are also known as the Flower Islands, probably because belladonna lilies, bougainvillea, hydrangea, crane flowers, agapanthus, goldenrods and hibiscus are everywhere.

flowers purple

flowers purple sea

But the language is at least as flowery. Everywhere in the world, there are signs informing us that premises are “Closed due to the Corona virus”. But in Portugal, this would come across as rather rude. Here, citizens are informed in detail about the reasoning behind every decision, and in convoluted syntax which I had hitherto deemed exclusive to German:

Given the importance of preventive action to minimize the collective risks that are inherent to the spread of the outbreak of the disease COVID-19 in the region as well as the importance of the protection of the population, the Autonomous Government of the Azores has decided and hereby announces that the public shall, until March 31st, 2020, no longer be permitted to enter and enjoy this Recreational Forest Reserve.

Covid 19 warning Faial

Covid 19 warning Pico

The officials tasked with the security and information of the public wanted to write much more, but unfortunately, it had to fit on one page. When I read the announcements of the Azores Government in the newspapers, however, their verbose prose hasn’t changed much since the communiques issued by the court of João VI.

By the way: The vast majority of the forest which is not explicitly designated as a recreational reserve and equipped with barbecue areas is still freely accessible. Unless you life in a village that is especially hit by the virus and where special limitations are in place, you can still go for long cross-country walks here – and make some surprising discoveries:


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5 Responses to Flowery Warnings on the Flower Islands

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  2. Very cool discovery!! I live in a city, but luckily have a big back yard. We were planning on cooking on the grill today but the rain is coming down too hard. So much rain in Southern California this Spring. It’s very unusual. I guess it’s good, because it keeps people at home.

    Thank you for taking us along on your explorations.

    • Oh yes, nowadays, sunny weather will get people to kill each other.

      And I am glad you have a backyard! If I wasn’t here on the island, I would be at my father’s place in Germany, which also has a large garden, so it wouldn’t be too bad either.
      But I really feel sorry for the people with a small apartment, maybe even without a balcony.

  3. Gabriele Goldstone says:

    Great time of year to be there.

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