Kyiv – Day 20/21

Yesterday was such a beautiful day that I went for a long walk. That long (and aimless), in fact, that I apparently walked far beyond the city limits of Kyiv. Because suddenly, it looked rather rural. And pretty.

Pyrohiv (13)Pyrohiv (16)Pyrohiv (5)Pyrohiv (6)Pyrohiv (7)Pyrohiv (4)Pyrohiv (3)Pyrohiv (1)Pyrohiv (2)Pyrohiv (12)Pyrohiv (10)Pyrohiv (19)Pyrohiv (21)Pyrohiv (22)Pyrohiv (20)Pyrohiv (17)Pyrohiv (11)Pyrohiv (14)

The whole day, I felt like walking through paintings by Konstantin Kryzhitsky.


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Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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10 Responses to Kyiv – Day 20/21

  1. Oh, wow!! Absolutely gorgeous! The little touches of decoration… Old churches are so beautiful in their architecture and decor.(I’ll stop there and not go into a rant about religion)
    I’m glad your mind let your feet decide where to go. Thank you for sharing the beautiful landscape.
    So much beauty everywhere around us…

    • And I love the wooden churches!
      Outside one of them, an old lady was sitting and soaking up the sun. As she noticed me taking a photo, she beckoned me to come closer, unlocked the door and even lit four candles.

  2. dmartinez202 says:

    Beautiful shots – the buildings look so quaint against the magnificent scenery!

    • I have to be honest and admit that it was not some random village, but an ethnographic outdoor museum. What I liked about the scenery is that the villages from different parts of Ukraine are set in landscape resembling that of their origin. For example, the Carpathian ones are the ones in the “mountains”, whereas the ones from southern Ukraine are on flat terrain.

  3. Edward Allen says:

    Lovely shots Andreas.

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  5. What interesting buildings located in this lovely landscape! The various roof styles are particularly intriguing. What are the round things that fill that one tree? All I can think of is some kind of bird nests, but it seems odd they would all be in one tree, and the birds would be quite large!

    • Oh, that’s mistletoe!
      And the different building styles reflect different regions of Ukraine. I don’t remember all of them, except that the ones with the steep roof in the somewhat mountainous area are from Carpathia.

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