The next cat will be in Cornwall

This house sitting is turning into a booming business. Apparently, word on the cat internet has it that I am lovely and caring, for I am receiving one assignment after the other.

As I am going to return from Canada to London on 28 April, I have been looking for a gig in Great Britain. Conveniently, I found one that starts on 29 April: I will be watching a cat in Cornwall until mid-May. (If the cat will still be alive by then and won’t have starved to death because of the expected food shortage after Brexit or, a shocking thought, turned into food itself).


Thus, as almost always on my travels, it turns out that life in a big city will be followed by a small town. The cold North will be followed by the sunny coast. Winter by spring. A cat by a tomcat.

For two weeks, I will be staying in Newquay. While the rest of Cornwall is a peaceful hiking paradise, that small town is more of a surfing hot-spot. But I hope that the surfers won’t have woken up yet in early May or that they will still be on the southern hemisphere. And I am sure I won’t run into too many stoned wannabe hippies on the South West Coast Path.


From mid-May, I will then be very occupied by university seminars and term papers, meaning that I will spend most of the summer in Germany. But there should be time for a few hikes in between. And I might return to England in summer for yet another house sit. Keep your fingers crossed!


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Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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11 Responses to The next cat will be in Cornwall

  1. Jacqueline DANSON says:

    Fingers firmly crossed.

    Cats of Great Britain: conspire!


    • I think it helped!
      Because it seems that I will be house sitting in the Cotswolds in June and August. I am already super excited!

  2. Peter West says:

    That’s Godrevey, not Newquay, but close enough.

    • I am wondering if I could get that far in a one-day hike. But probably, I’ll only do shorter hikes around Newquay because after all, it will be my job to spend time with the cat.

  3. Ruth Eley says:

    We brought our two Cornish cats with us! We lived in a small village called Porthtowan near the beach on the north coast of Cornwall (about 25 mins drive from Newquay) up until 18 months ago when we moved to the Altiplano in Granada, Spain, near where you were last year! We still have a property in Redruth 🙂 My husband is Cornish, born in Perranporth, we both grew up in Kernow. It was St Piran’s Day 2 days ago, the patron Saint of Cornwall. Enjoy a proper Cornish pasty and some Cornish Rattler cider for us!
    ‘Poldark’ tin-mining country……. 😉 My father-in-law was a tin miner.

  4. Caren Leong says:

    Finger crossed!

  5. Daedalus Lex says:

    Nice idea. I think I will name my next cat “Cornwall”.

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