What does Canada think about Brexit?

Well, the Union Jack is already flying at half-mast here. Or two-thirds mast at best.

Union Jack half-mast.JPG

Canadian businesses are quite worried, given that the UK is Canada’s third largest export market and many Canadian companies use the UK as a base for their European operations. Unless the UK still changes track, it will drop out of CETA, the free-trade agreement between Canada and the EU, in less than three months.


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4 Responses to What does Canada think about Brexit?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Tough noogies to Canada, I am afraid. That is what you get for tethering yourself to the UK. Having lived in the UK for far too long, I can report that it was and remains an isolated, third-world country. I think the gene pool there was drained at some point as well.

    • I actually like the UK, it’s quite a sweet country.
      But sadly, almost nobody there understands how a supranational organization like the EU works. It’s frustrating to still see politicians in the UK believing they can renegotiate something that 27 other countries agreed on. And not many people seem to realize that time is running out.

  2. Hold on there! An uncalled for insult to third world countries!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      You are right, that is an unfair comparison. Third-world countries have far fewer scroungers, benefits cheats, and genuine racists. And they are more productive.

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