Venta Micena – Day 3/30

Because I am here for house sitting, you are probably curious to see the house (although the cat is really more important). It’s a refurbished farmhouse, now quite spacious and luxurious.

The owners were told it’s 100 years old, but then, so allegedly was everything else they inquired about. We agreed on not putting too much credence in the local method to date things. (The region claims to be the place of the first human settlement in Europe.)


The left hand side, the one painted in white, is where I am staying.

The right hand side is a holiday home with space for six people. It’s available on Booking and on AirBnB, if you are interested in a quiet getaway in a beautiful valley. If it will be your first time using AirBnB, you may sign up via this link to receive 25 € in credit. On Booking, you receive 15 € if you sign up via this link.

About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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8 Responses to Venta Micena – Day 3/30

  1. July Rojas says:

    Hermosa casa…😍

  2. Anke Stirner says:

    Really nice house. Love the oven!

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