The Port of Gorey

Gorey port lamp(The photo was taken at Gorey on Jersey.)

About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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12 Responses to The Port of Gorey

  1. Marie says:

    crowded… when was it? morning or evening?

  2. Marie says:

    one of the best days of the year! …..(A few hours after my birthday… :)

  3. Marie says:

    How ironic for a cigar smoker to be a cancer… :)

  4. Marie says:

    11?….because you started at what age? 7?
    How did you discover cigars?
    Aren’t you preoccupied that this is a very health endangering pleasure?
    Yes I am curious (in both meanings)

    • I started at 10 and a half.
      As to cigars, I think it was reading “The Magic Mountain” that put the idea in my head. Then I saw some cheap cigars at the supermarket checkout (2.50 € or something like that) and I gave it a try. It was wonderful.
      I am only worried about my cigar consumption when I live in countries where they are readily available and cheap (particularly Italy, with the wonderful Toscano cigars). Elsewhere, I am too stingy/poor to buy them often.

  5. Silke says:

    Liebe, Liebste, in der Ferne,
    wie so sehr entbehr’ ich Dich!
    Leuchteten mir milde Sterne,
    ach, wie bald ihr Glanz erblich!

    Wenn ich deine weichen Wangen
    leis in meine Hände nahm,
    und voll zärtlichem Verlangen
    Mund zu Mund zum Kusse kam;

    Wenn ich deine Schläfen rührte
    durch der Haare duftig Netz,
    o, wie war, was uns verführte,
    beiden uns so süss Gesetz!

    Und nun gehst du fern und einsam.
    Ach, wie achtlos spielt das Glück!
    Bringt, was einmal uns gemeinsam,
    noch einmal sein Strom zurück?

    Liebe, Liebste, in der Ferne,
    wie so sehr entbehr’ ich dich!
    Leuchteten uns milde Sterne,
    ach, wie schnell ihr Glanz erblich!

    Christian Morgenstern. 1871 – 1914

  6. Fantastic view of the port of gorey, I liked to read your blog throughout so much interesting thanks.

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