“Secret Agent Man”

Finally, I found the song that describes my life:

The film clips show Sam Neill as Sidney Reilly in Reilly – Ace of Spies.

I came across this series in a very convoluted way: listening to Dmitri Shostakovich’s Gadfly suite, I read that it was used in the TV series, hitherto unknown to me. But the true story of Sidney Reilly, who may have been one of the inspirational characters for James Bond, intrigued me.

About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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6 Responses to “Secret Agent Man”

  1. ensnaturae says:

    If you want to be a spy, is it a good idea to tell everyone?

  2. ensnaturae says:

    dont be silly! 😄There’s no one here, and you more or less tell everyone to clear off, in any case…?? You don’t like company!!! that’s why…!! Plus…do you know a lot of blogs …with huge witty conversations..with crowds of joiners-in? If you want people to talk back…Praps you could do a trump/Twitter style thing..Linked to your blog…Or a *Europeans Escape *forum*,..Wait…I’m thinking…You ever done any research? To find the top blogs, for TALK? Some of the very best blogs like “brain pickings”…Have huge following ..But in silence…..Research would tell you what to do, next.
    Could be..that being a *hermit*..Doesn’t have global appeal…?…
    Is it a good chat up line? ” I prefer to be alone”?…. Hahahaha!
    I do it already, but I go *nowhere*..Just talk to myself. Or a few fb pals….My experience is that extreme loners…are usually thought of as very weird …Crazy…Dangerous…Etcetc…Yanno? Everyone’s waiting for them to walk into Walmarts, firing from the hip…? I’ve got Anthony Storr’s “Solitude,” to quote bits to doubters…..He was a famous pshrink, and a top quality loner. He wrote me a nice letter..but I took ages to write back…And he died. It’s not Kafka of Nietzsche…But no use quoting them anyway…Off to the funny farm you go…
    I liked the Shostakovitch and the spy movie…He was good, the spy… Coooooool… Not like you!!
    Couldn’t imagine that bloke hunting over entire continents, for whaaat!! ….C o k e !!!!!

    • The parts of my blog which are the most popular are the ones where I give legal advice, where I give travel advice and – surprisingly – the one where I tell people it’s OK to commit suicide.

    • ensnaturae says:

      Ok…Must read the suicide notes..180+… Not sure Id want to do anything…that might encourage them to KT. ..so many people arrive at the point of suicide…Without giving it much thought, just drifting downhill. I did that…But changed my mind and I called an ambulance/stomach pump etc..Not popular..quite reasonably, Everyone very annoyed. There’s a lot of misery in it, maybe for numerous others?…Clearly, some people are determined…but they are not likely to be among those that ask your approval/support. Dont know… But I meant…Have you researched the psychology stats/data etcetc…about why does/does not…anyone write to add their opinion..?….to any blog? Free advice…Legal advice especially…is sure to be popular..Especially the nationality…..german citizen stuff. So many terrified Brits, anticipating the worst, as they will soon be.. much too expensive to keep …Johnny Foreigners. Im still hopeful of fixing the whole thing myself…so I don’t want to build up your hopes for the 100 euros. One bit of paper, should do it…I’ve got a few good links too….

  3. ensnaturae says:

    I’ll tell you my links if you want them.

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