Neil Gorsuch may have over-prepared

If anyone would ever ask me to become a Justice on the Supreme Court, I would re-read the Constitution until I had it memorized and then I would try to read as many previous decisions by the court as I possibly could before the confirmation hearing.

Neil Gorsuch needn’t have bothered. For the questions were rather silly.

Seriously, US Senators, you are in a conformation hearing for a Supreme Court Justice, which happens once in a blue moon and is a rather consequential affair, and you ask your teenage children and your (I assume non-lawyer) brothers what questions to ask??

What a disgrace.

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5 Responses to Neil Gorsuch may have over-prepared

  1. David Rosenbaum says:

    That’s not representative of the 3 days of hearings.

    Overwhelmingly, the questions revolved around the law. You just picked the 1% that didn’t.

    Having said that, it’s true that the hearings are largely posturing done by the senators (on both sides) in order to keep their image as they want to. I don’t believe that anyone will change their mind as a result.

    And this has been true for years and years.

    But you have to admit that the SC has very high-caliber judges, on both sides.

    • Of course it’s not representative. But with limited time for each Senator, I still wonder what makes them have the idea to ask around their minor family members for questions. They are treating the proceeding like a game show.
      Even if nobody changes their mind, then the questions should be about law, if only to make it educating for those watching.

      And I agree that the judges on the Supreme Court are highly qualified and intelligent. It actually seems to me that they may get better once appointed because of the freedom that comes with a life-time appointment. Maybe knowing that you have to work together with the same people over decades also helps social skills and compromise.

    • Actually, there was even more talk about completely irrelevant issues than shown by these videos:

    • David says:

      It’s all calculated. Republicans want to waste the time and make him feel comfortable. Hence the softball questions and the irrelevant ones.

      Dems did same for Obama nominees.

      But if you watch the proceedings in cspan there is a lot of intricate legal stuff that I’m sure you’d enjoy.

    • I regret that I don’t have the time to watch C-SPAN all day, because I am the kind of nerd who would probably like that indeed.

      And I understand softball questions for a nominee whom you are going to vote for anyway, but at least they could be about law, so that Mr Gorsuch could demonstrate his legal knowledge instead of talking about his children.
      Judges don’t actually need to be popular or liked. (Or is Mr Gorsuch planning to run for President next?)

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