The age of sexual consent in Germany

Sometimes, even I get a question that I haven’t had before and which I need to research. For example this week, when a young guy asked:

Is it true that 14 years is the age of consent in Germany?
Is it legal, for example, for a 19-years-old guy to have sex with 15-years-old girl?

My reply:

Yes, the age of consent is 14 years in Germany (§ 176 StGB). As with other statutes in Germany, 14 is the age when a child becomes a juvenile.

For the partner of the 14- or 15-year old, there is no strict age limit, but § 182 III StGB makes it criminal for an over-21-year old to have sex with a below-16-year old if the older partner “abuses the lack of capacity for sexual self-determination” of the younger partner. But this is normally only prosecuted if the victim asks for prosecution (§ 182 V StGB).

It is also a crime to have sex with a person under 18 if you exploit an exigence situation (§ 182 I StGB).

So, to your original question: Yes, if they know each other for some time, maybe are even in a relationship, there is no exigence situation, and the girl knows what she wants, then it’s legal. Obviously, force is always illegal, regardless of age.

Have fun! ;-)

It’s nice that young people nowadays seek professional legal advice before embarking on a romantic adventure.


“Don’t worry, honey! Mr Moser said everything is legal.”

I guess I might hear from them again in a few months with questions about establishing paternity, child support and child custody.


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5 Responses to The age of sexual consent in Germany

  1. Conrad says:

    Yes, and they will also expect it for free, or for 5 dollar :)

  2. Dino Bragoli says:

    I was surprised as I was for the Italian age also at 14. The UK is 16, which is better?

    • vint says:

      Neither is “better”: humans are STILL children at the age of 14…15…16…even 17 and 18. And, let’s face it, even science has determined that most of us don’t mature until the mid- to late 20s. So for ANY country (or state in the USA) to approve of a child having sex with an adult is a moral and ethical crime.

  3. Mohamed says:

    My girlfriend will be 18 years July 11 and I’m 23 years. it’s a crime have have sex after her birthday?

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