How rich is Estonia?

You can tell that a country is abundantly rich and has a prospering economy when there are signs next to the toilet that tell you “Don’t throw money down the toilet”.

(Seen and photographed at Tallinn Airport in Estonia.)

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17 Responses to How rich is Estonia?

  1. Boy, I’ve heard financial reporters worrying that the Euro was going down the toilet, but I thought that was just a figure of speech! :D


      EURO is a joke and it will fail, soon. You will see. We do not want people coming to Lithuania or any other country in the “EU” and taking our jobs. A good example is the retarded USA, who sent most of their jobs to China…. Stay in your country of origin (where your MAMA lives) and help it prosper, unless you are self-employed or a corporation and can come to another country to create jobs and not take our jobs!
      I will protest if my country joins EUROPRISON!

    • Your worries about Lithuania’s jobs are funny, given that many more Lithuanians left to work in other countries than foreigners came to work in Lithuania.
      But luckily I am self-employed, so it seems you wouldn’t mind my personal presence here.

  2. Zio Alberto says:

    Is probably quite the contrary.

    The amount of money circulating in the economy is not the wealth of a nation in real terms. A central bank can easily print billion of banknotes without increasing the real wealth of the people of one iota.

    Furthermore, it is easy to defend that periods associated with high inflation (and M0) are correlated with low living standards for the people (take years after the First World War in Germany).

    One can then go out and think that if the total M0 amount gets smaller the nation itself can become richer, which is wrong again, therefore I can assume that the signal you have in the picture is to warn the people that they will not be able to increase the value of the nation currency by just getting rid of it by flushing it.

    Finally, to me is more likely that the guy is throwing: an envelope, an unpacked condom and a ball.

    You understand Andreas that I write on this blog just to train my English right? :)

    Take care mate.

    • I wonder in what kind of situation somebody would throw an envelope, an unpacked condom and a ball into the toilet. Maybe I could develop a short story out of that.

    • I like your much more sophisticated monetary interpretation of the sign! But as Estonia has the Euro, it cannot control its own currency that easily anyway.

    • Zio Alberto says:

      I did not say that Estonia was able to print money!!!!!!

      It was an hypothetical situation to explain a point

      I just used a very difficult word “hypothetical”. Do you want to ruin my Sunday morning Andreas????


  3. NO2EURO says:

    First of all this sign is not for Estonians, but for poor drunk Finns… Secondly, in my humble opinion, every country that joined the EuroZona, is a big idiot… I’m looking forward to Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Estonia etc. to abandon the stupid idea of common currency for so many different countries. Stop trying to make everyone look the same and wear the same clothes. That’s been attempted in China, USSR, etc, and it failed…. Now, Lithuania, Poland, Czech, Romania etc. Think about it and never join the EURO like the other idiots did.

    • I have lived in many countries that use the Euro and it never looked as if people were wearing the same clothes.

    • NO2EURO says:

      Having Euro in your country is like wearing same uniform in communist China. Boring. Bad for the economy. Bad for the people. Do Europeans really want to become ONE FACE?

    • So you suggest every person gets his/her/their own currency? Because it sure must suck – according to your logic – that people in Mississippi have to use the same $ as people in Florida or Kansas. Or that people in London use the same £ as people in Cornwall.

    • NO2EVRO says:

      Don’t insert words in to my mouth. You’re going for the extremes, while you know well how to formulate a normal question. That is an immature behaviour. To remain a healthy economy every country (not every person, which is a ridiculous statement) must have their own currency. NO to globalisation. EU is OK as a Confederation, but not as a Soviet style political union. Some counties, cities, towns are OK to have their own supplemental currency or notgeld and many do. Having one centralised currency for the entire empire, continent or even for the entire world is a retarded and dangerous idea. One size fits all, yeah right…… NO to EUROUBLE. NO to federated EU.

  4. RichNotStupidYes says:

    I have never seen such signs in USA, Japan etc.

  5. NO2EVRO says:

    P.S. Comparing USA states to European countries is a dangerous and retarded idea. Take a vacation, man.

  6. List of X says:

    I think the sign says that you can’t throw geometric shapes into the toilet.

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