Random Thoughts (2)

  1. I am still getting up every day before 6 am. But because of that, I need a pizza or a steak at 10 am at the latest and by noon I am already smoking cigars.
  2. Dear Donald Trump, “she’s not my type” is neither a valid nor a smart defense against charges of sexual assault.
  3. Bob Dylan. Another Nobel literature laureate of whom I have never read a book. But this time I feel less uneducated about it than in the years before.
  4. Maybe the Eurovision Song Contest could let a book win the next time.
  5. I am so nervous ahead of the US presidential election that I am checking the latest polls at least once a day.
  6. If there was only one airline in the world, I would already have collected enough miles for a free flight.
  7. I may put “professional party pooper” on my next business cards.
  8. I do not agree with him on all the issues and I am not really a conservative, but Evan McMullin sounds like the most intelligent and thoughtful candidate in the US presidential election so far.mcmullin
  9. When I read news like the one about a man in a Batman costume chasing other people in clown costumes, I realize that I miss the United Kingdom a bit. I have never lived in a funnier country.
  10. Maybe there will be cigars with rocoto taste one day.
  11. Why is there no BDS movement against Donald Trump?
  12. Today in a corner shop in Mollendo in Peru: “Sorry, I don’t stock lighters or cigarettes because it would tempt me to start smoking again.” Me: “Ok, then I will take two pieces of the cake. That’s better for my health anyway.” “Much better” the friendly lady confirms and adds a third piece for free.
  13. The question I am most tired of: “Do you have WhatsApp?”
  14. Do these two guys also remind you of Beavis & Butthead?

And now I am going to watch the last presidential debate of the year. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be happy that they will never have to see each other again.

About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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4 Responses to Random Thoughts (2)

  1. JOHN D LIE says:

    Reading that you are interested in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, below is an interesting
    prediction by a famous Asian Astrologer:
    1. In 2005, thus more than 10 years ago this Asian Astrologer predicted that by 2008 a “Dark
    Tainted Man” -he did not even stated Black- this is how precise his prediction was, as we later
    know that his “Dark Tainted Man”, was in fact a mix-race/biracial person, thus correctly n o t
    black as ALL media in the U.S. even CNN wrongly always mentioned, will be elected as U.S.
    President with a large majority vote.
    2. and that this “Dark Tainted Man”, will be elected as U.S. President not once but twice.
    3. around 2005 nobody even knew the name of BARACK OBAMA, hence at that time readers who know America were guessing that GENERAL COLIN POWELL is the one who will be elected President, which was wrong of course.
    4. to the astonishment of many, the figures of the 2008 and 2012 Election Electoral Votes awarded to the 2 parties, predicted by this Astrologer were almost to the point correct.
    5. for this 2016 Election, this Astrologer -without mentioning a name- predicted that
    a DEMOCRAT will be elected President with +/- 338 Electoral Votes, versus only +/- 200
    Electoral Votes for the REPUBLICANS.
    General knowledge: The U.S. has totally 538 Electoral Votes to be awarded to a Presidential
    candidate and with a minimum of 270 votes a President will win the Election.

    Will be interesting to see i f indeed this Asian Astrologer is right again.

  2. List of X says:

    About (5), I’m not sure why you even need to worry. Worst comes to worst, you already tend to spend your time in countries that are near the very top of Countries Least Likely To Be Nuked By Donald Trump list, and you’ll probably get so many prospective clients who’d need help with getting German citizenship that you’d be able to fully retire after a few months of work.

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