Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler

After Donald Trumps’s speech at the Republican National Convention, I made this joke, inspired both by the plagiarism in the current Mrs Trumps’ speech and by the speech itself:

Tweet Donald Trump Mein Kampf.JPG

As with all my other Donald Trump jokes however, it turned out that I was actually spot on. From the very revealing article Donald Trump’s Ghostwriter Tells All:

Trump Mein Kampf.JPG

Now, I would like to clarify that I think all Hitler and Nazi comparisons are over the top. I also think that Mr Trump’s danger lies less in what he believes (he’ll change his mind tomorrow anyway or just lie again) than in being a psychopath. Many elements of fascism can be found in Mr Trump’s speeches. But until the first people will get killed, let’s just stick to Mussolini comparisons for now.


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4 Responses to Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler

  1. The American voters are really caught ‘twixt Scylla and Charybdis. On the one hand, a racist demagogue. On the other hand, a manipulative liar who believes (apparently with some justification) that the rules which apply to ordinary people do not apply to her because she is above the law. In fact, I’m not sure if the danger from Hillary is not the greater of the two, because it is more the insidious.

    • I am actually quite sure on that one.
      With Hillary Clinton, you just need to be careful and cautious. There will be checks and balances.
      Donald Trump on the other hand is a sociopath who doesn’t believe in checks and balances.

    • So far, Hillary seems to be evading the checks and balances quite successfully. Apparently she has the FBI, the Attorney General et al. in her pocket and can break the law with impunity. She proves, as if any further proof is needed, that in “The land of the free and the home of the brave”, if you are rich and powerful, if you belong to “the right” family, then you can do what you like, that the law is for “lesser mortals”, not for you, that you can lie and lie and lie – and get away with it. I think, in fact, that in her way, she is just as much of a sociopath as Trump.
      America is going to have to choose between two evils.

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