Easily Confused (55) Bill Cosby

Rap star:

ice cube

Rape star:


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12 Responses to Easily Confused (55) Bill Cosby

  1. From your own special unique perspective – please explain this to me like I’m a six year old, because your post looks pretty racist to me.

  2. Reblogged this on Kemdirim Okezie and commented:
    Tell me if I’m missing something obvious, because I just don’t see the connection here – other than insensitivity on the part of the author of this post. I asked him to explain this to me like I’m a six year old – from his own special, unique perspective, since such a post looks pretty racist to me. The author responded that I should explain to him what I find racist here, from my perspective as a six year old. I suspect he wants to speak without being challenged since he’d rather play table tennis than answer my question. The author doesn’t have to answer my question though, and I ‘get’ that, just as long as he appreciates that I am entitled to feel offended by it.

    I wonder, is the author using Ice Cube’s image because he sees something I missed. I’m also wondering why I he had to use another black face to illustrate his point. Are there no White rap stars to level the playing field? I know that there are. Maybe the author wants me to consider him a racist = okay then.

    • List of X says:

      Just in case you really are missing something, Google “Bill Cosby rape allegations”.

    • I am not missing anything and at the time I wrote this post there had been no charges made against Bill Cosby. And for your comment, I am still missing something – that link between Bill Cosby and Ice Cube. I still also believe it was unnecessary and insensitive to use two black males on that cheap attempt at a satirical post.

    • Of course there had been allegations against Bill Cosby about several cases of rape. That was the reason for my post.

      I still don’t get your “blackness” point. I didn’t even know that Bill Cosby was black, nor did or do I care. I don’t know the other gentleman, nor do I know whether he is black, nor do I care.
      I made a pun on the words “rap” and “rape”. Because I knew and know nothing about rap music (I don’t know much more about rape either, admittedly, except that I studied law), I googled “rap musician” and the photo popped up. I thought people who know what rap music is will know him, which was apparently right because you identified him as Mr Cube or Mr Ice (I am not sure which is the first and which is the last name with these silly black names).

    • 1. Allegations and being charged are not the same. I note you said something in your ‘About section’ that you have a law degree. And you said in your response that you studied law. I don’t get it.

      2. If you went through Law School but law School didn’t go through you, I don’t have the headspace to know where to begin with you on the issues you raised. I’m sorry.

      3. I’m pretty certain you’re racist.

    • 1. Of course allegations and being charged are not the same, that’s why I use different terms.
      2. What did you study?
      3. I am pretty certain you have no sense of humor.

    • I no longer wish to associate with you. My apologies for commenting on your page in the first place. Goodbye.

  3. I just laughed out loud.
    (and don’t find it racist)

  4. Dino Bragoli says:


  5. BCBF Media Group says:


    This post makes little to no sense.. We have an office in Berlin and are aware of what a German joke is. This isn’t a joke.

    Your traveling the world (which isn’t unique) and writing about it -great. But your also ruining the parties by showing up, pretending to have a good time then slash their throats from behind. Yeah true German fashion!!

    It’s not a racist statement just as you claim your Rotkoll joke was.. Your opinion is your just as the aforementioned statement I wrote is.

    The sad part is if a survey would be conducted, who would be offended.. Any one reading this please google “What is Rap, RnB, and Urban” music titled there-

    If there are problems contact us and we can provide a social media link with social proofs.

    No your not a racist- your a German.. Your a product of your environment.

    Why attend Dakar if you slag it off afterwards? It would be amazing if you posted a blog about one person in your travels you made smile..

    “Still waters run deep!” – right?

    Schon flug!

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