Video Blog: Ice Bucket Challenge

Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge yet. You soon will, because as so often before, I will probably start a trend.

I explain everything in this video:

Honestly, I think it’s a stupid idea. If you want to fund medical research, fund it. If you want to make a donation, do so. To me, this looks like a rather obvious ploy to get girls to pour water over them in bikinis or in tight T-shirts.

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6 Responses to Video Blog: Ice Bucket Challenge

  1. david says:

    It is stupid, but it’s no stupider than a race or swim to support something. Both of those are quite widespread, and they actually do raise money – as did the Ice Bucket thing.

    • I run a lot of half marathons and I never understand the people who proclaim that they do it “for charity”. Surely, there would be more money left for the charity if the runner didn’t need to fly to some far-away country, pay the race fee, a hotel, fancy equipment and a lot of pasta, but would donate everything to charity.

  2. anna says:

    You actually said “ajjajaj” in Hungarian in this video:) Did u realise that?

  3. ZaCook says:

    Hahaha! You killed it! (or nailed it) The ice bucket challenge it’s not “a thing” anymore, but it was an interesting marketing stunt. The idea was to raise awareness (by offering a noble cause to “people” eager to participate in wet t-shirt contests) and money for the research of ALS (apparently a pretty painful neurological disease; they say it’s like pouring ice cold water on your head…). The campaign actually helped a lot, you’re among the last to hear about it (or write about it), both with money and awareness. The thing is, more people die of heart disease or various types of cancer (obesity related diseases) than ALS and they managed to raise (with this campaign alone) more money for research than all types of cancers combined. Conclusion: whatever it is your trying to sell, just bundle it with a little something sexual! (toate-s vechi si noua toate)

    • I am always the last one to hear about everything. :-(

      I will have to try this “sex sells” mantra if I ever write a book and go on a book tour…

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