Britain, it’s time for a revolution!

What kind of a country is that which celebrates having had the same un-elected head of state for 63 years?

Queen Elizabeth 63 years

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2 Responses to Britain, it’s time for a revolution!

  1. Dante says:

    I disagree. UK is a monarchy but not comparable to the ancièn régime, actually much less absolutistic than some regime of a once elected head of state, as e.g. in Venezuela under Hugo Chavez or in Peru under Fujimorri. Or, as it now seems, in Hungary under Orbán or in Turkey under Erdogan.

    • That is true, but I am not sure if that is because of the monarchy or because of the tradition of democracy in the UK. I would hope that even without a hereditary king/queen, the British would not (re)elect a semi-dictator. After all, UKIP has never been really successful (although it does influence the debate at times).

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