The toughest Half Marathon of the Year

This year I have already run several hilly and mountainous half marathons: in Jerusalem, in Brasov, in Targu Mures. In Romania there hardly seems to be a normal running event. Somebody will always put a mountain range in the middle of the track.

This Saturday, it will become more challenging yet: At the half marathon in Baile Tusnad I will have to cover 900 meters (= 2,952 ft) in altitude. That’s more of an ascent in one race than some people in Kansas or the Netherlands master in a lifetime.

But I will be rewarded with scenic views. From Baile Tusnad the track will go across the mountains all the way to Lake St Anna, a volcanic crater filled with rainwater. I’ll probably dive right in once I get there.

And while normal half marathons are happy with 21 km, here I’ll have to run a distance of 23 km. As if the mountains weren’t tough enough.

The bear in the logo is no joke either, but a reminder of the large population of bears in the forests around Baile Tusnad. I hope that I will finally encounter a bear in the wild, either while running or during one of my hikes in the days before and after the race.

Tusnad Marathon

Let’s see how I’ll feel on Saturday. If I still won’t have enough of crazy challenges, I can run up the Transfagarasan road in September, to an altitude of more than 2,000 meters.

(Auf Deutsch.)

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5 Responses to The toughest Half Marathon of the Year

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  2. I am fairly certain you have no idea what you’re wishing for.
    Here’s an intro to it:

  3. Chris van Zyl says:

    May you not hit the wall! If you’re on the lookout for challenges, try the Comrades (South Africa). 88Km, altitude varies between 0 and 810 metres.

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