Video Blog: Montenegro and Serbia by Train

My report on the train journey through the mountains of Montenegro made many of you long for more of that fabulous route.

That’s why I share a video which documents the whole route from Bar on the Adriatic coast to Belgrade. The video is not mine, but was filmed by Mark Smith, the famous “Man in Seat 61”.

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Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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12 Responses to Video Blog: Montenegro and Serbia by Train

  1. I am more and more attracted by this country. Many thanks and all the best.:)

  2. Oooh boy, that was breathtakingly beautiful! It really makes me want to visit Montenegro!
    Too bad you’re leaving in May, because here are two amazing roads, the Transfagarasan and Transalpina, but up there winter lasts until June, Transfagarasan road opens up on 1st July. You could make a round- trip: getting through Fagaras mountains, visiting few places in the south (especially the Iron Gates gorge on Danube) and come back on Transalpina. I’ve never been, but wish I could do this trip in the future, because it’s really beautiful.

    • I did go to the Transfagarasan in winter even. It was full of snow, but I could go by car until the cable car station towards Lac Balea. And then I saw the Transfagarasan from the cable car, all of it covered in snow. (Photos and videos coming as soon my brother will send them to me.)

      My dream would be to take a bicycle up there in summer and then ride down on a bike.

    • I’ve never been in winter on Fagaras, only hiking trips in the summer, the mountains are beautiful covered in snow, but I guess it’s even more beautiful when you have only patches of snow in the shadowy valleys. But… you need a car for this trip. Some say the Transalpina is even more beautiful, I never been there, it’s definitely more wild, as the road isn’t even finished, not too many wonder there, you are alone on the top of the world ;)

  3. There is another beautiful, scenic train-route: from Targu Mures to Moldova (Bacau maybe), the train goes through the Eastern Carpathians, it’s not this rocky view, more with endless woods and hills, but it’s worth the trip!

  4. Wow, the view at 3:53 & 5:04 & 5:48 :O amazing! This is a treasure, thanks for sharing! Planning to go on a one-week Balcan tour in May with an organized group (I know on your own is always better, but the offer is really tempting). There will be hiking in the Musala, rafting on the river Tara in Montenegro, a few cultural gems in Serbia, Albania and Macedonia. :)

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