Who is responsible for the Boston Massacre?

I don’t understand all this excitement on CNN about the manhunt for the alleged perpetrators of the attacks in Boston. I thought it was perfectly clear that the Boston Massacre was committed by British soldiers.


And why is this being brought up again now, after 243 years?

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13 Responses to Who is responsible for the Boston Massacre?

  1. Wontvisitagain says:


    • Ken Miller says:

      It’s poignant, I’d say, how “history repeats itself” as some have said. The British were for their own reasons shooting at Bostonians way back then, and now we’ve just had two Chechens repeating the act (for their own reasons, whatever they may be, and whether we ever get to learn what they were…).

      No connection whatsoever between the two events, perhaps, except for the sad human tradition of people of different stocks disliking each other to the extent of taking their animosity towards each other to to the far end of the gun (or bomb detonating remote control)…

      The observation is not quite tasteless, methinks…

  2. kevin farrugia says:

    idiotic rubbish from someone with nothing better to do!

    • Not quite someone with nothing better to do, but someone with a great talent of finding silly things to do in order to procrastinate the better things which he should be doing.

  3. I thought it was funny

  4. leila says:

    What is your opinion about the most recent Boston masacre (the two bombs in the race line)?
    As always, it will be interesting to read your blog about this matter.

    • I did not seriously blog about that because I was working on a paper for university in the same week, so I was just too busy.

      My initial thoughts:
      1) This is unpreventable. Home-made explosives by two guys of whom at least the younger one seems to have been well integrated. That could only have been spotted by coincidence.
      2) Good for me that I only run half marathons, no full ones. I am not fit enough.
      3) Good police work. Fast, efficient, successful. No need to change anything.
      4) Terrible media work, at least for long stretches.
      5) I am already tired now of the conspiracy stories that I haven’t even heard yet.
      6) Because the two perpetrators were foreign-born, this will be the death for immigration reform, sadly.

  5. Sergio from Rio de Janeiro says:

    Guns don`t kill people, people kill people!!!!!In Brazil the policians baned the use of firearmas by honest and awnsome citezens!!! But they did nothing against drog criminals and thiefs on the city!!!!!!! bla,bla,bla!!!!! Criminals prefer desarmeded victims!!!!! Better off to keep the law as it is!!!!!!!!

  6. Kyara says:

    This is quite an interesting situation. How unique it is that two “massacres” of similar events could happen in the same city. Perhaps this type of event shall occur again in the future.

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