Good Intentions

A few weeks ago I determined that I need to lose weight. Since then I realised that my willpower alone would not do it and that I need to change my diet (which so far has consisted mainly of chocolate, cake and pizzas). Changing your diet is easy. Stop buying unhealthy stuff, then you won’t be able to eat it. Only buy what is good for you.

Today, I made a good start:

healthy shoppingThis was probably the first time that I bought no meat, no sausages, no cake, no chocolate, no fast food. You will notice that I even switched to Coca Cola Zero because it has zero sugar and almost zero calories.

Luckily, cigars have zero calories too. Whenever I will be craving a cake, from now on I will smoke a cigar instead. I already ordered 50 cigars. To survive the next 3 weeks.

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Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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29 Responses to Good Intentions

  1. crankypants says:

    Oh, ditch the Coke Zero! so-called ‘diet’ sodas are nothing of the sort. It could make you even hungrier! Good job on the rest. Instead of your chocolate cakes, buy some dark chocolate bars, they are good for you in reasonable doses and you won’t feel like you’re completely depriving yourself of treats! :) I’m of the same thought–if it’s not in the house, I can’t eat it (soda, ice cream) and if my craving is strong enough I will go (hopefully by foot) to the store and get one serving of it.

    • One good thing is that my chocolate craving usually sets in late at night and the supermarket closes at 2200. So I only need to be able to push it beyond that time and then I will accept a banana or an orange instead.

    • But Coke Zero says that it has almost zero of everything.

    • spa says:

      true, including taste!

    • When it’s ice cold, directly from the fridge, it’s tolerable.
      But I miss Kinnie. Is that healthy?

    • SoundEagle says:

      SoundEagle agrees with crankypants. More tips for you:

      (1) Drink a glass of water 20 minutes before each main meal.
      (2) Consume dinner at least three hours before bedtime and then eat little or nothing.
      (3) Exercise before breakfast.
      (4) Move around as much as you can each day, including doing house chores.
      (5) Eat anything you like for one or two meals per week so that you won’t feel too deprived.

      Let SoundEagle know how you go with these tips . . . . . Cheers!

  2. The other thing I need to adapt is the simple rule “stop eating when you are full”. I always want to finish whatever I cooked, even though I am full halfway through the plate or pan. I have to develop the consistency of stopping and keeping the rest of the food for the next meal.

    • SoundEagle says:

      Exercise portion control by putting only roughly what you need to eat on your plate, and keeping the rest in the fridge immediately.

  3. Mary S says:

    Good idea Andreas :) ! I know, sticking to a healthy diet can be tough sometimes, but it’s definitely worth it. I agree with your other poster though – ‘ditch the Coke Zero’ … would be better off to have a regular coke than one that contains the artificial sweeteners. Those drinks are deadly (I’m convinced) Anyways…a toast to you with my orange juice glass! :)

  4. The fake suger tells your brain to expect some suger, when it does not receve the suger it was promised it sends a message to your stomach that it needs to eat more. I gained 20 pounds when I started using fake suger untill I learned that, I and went back to regular suger and lost the weight I had gained without changing anything else. All Coke products are poison for your body. They are the equivalent of sugar flavored battery acid.They leach the calcium out of your bones.

  5. If Coca Cola’s products are as lethal, poisonous and dangerous as everybody here claims, how can they be legal? I always think: if something hasn’t been banned, it can’t be that bad.

    • Michele says:

      Well, that’s a point only if people who are in charge of controlling do their job. There is something unclear in the approval process of aspartame (a sweetener that MAY be used in light beverages). When you will be ready (i.e. when you learn Italian again), check this out:

      My suggestion is: drink water. Also self made orange juice is gesund. ;)
      If you really miss a Coke, then drink a bottle only during the weekend, the plain one, not the light one.

  6. Conrad says:

    I had a similar photo taken myself when I did my first, pre-diet shopping spree. It looked as good-intentious as yours. Less the nice colors of course, as your photos always look so vibrant.

    A year later, I’m back to pizza, pasta, and chocolate.

    I wish you luck, and if you manage to keep to the healthy eating, let me know the trick!!

    • The colors have been enhanced by Picasa, admittedly.
      And I doubt if I will manage even a month. I have the suspicion that my happiness will be more important to me.

  7. Skaistis says:

    * Your collection of products is not healthy diet. It is template picture for a diet articles in women magazines :D.
    * Coca Cola Zero has artificial sweeteners. Natural sugar is much better, just don’t overdose :)
    * Why did you removed meat from healthy diet? When did it became unhealthy?

    • Because meat and sausages have tons of fat. But I also have moral objections against eating meat and I thought I can combine the diet with becoming a bit more consequential, although I will continue eat meat from time to time, being the non-radical that I am.

  8. Oh! Oh! I like this topic! You could bake your own cakes you know, most recipes call for triple the butter and sugar that is needed to make a delicious cake! Use real cocoa, less sugar, some bran and maybe even some nutts and you have a delicious yet not completely unhealthy cake! As for moving away from the meat…good choice! :) I am not a vegetarian, I don’t like the restriction it entitles, however I only eat meat once or twice a week and when I eat out, much more options for a non-veg on most menues. (If you go to Gent Belgium, they have SO MANY Vegetarian restaurants to chose from, it’s easy there)
    Red kidney beans have become my best friend on my quest to get rid of most meats in my diet. You can make absolutely delicious bean burgers with them, use them as fillers instead of ground beef etc. Also Textured vegetable protein is pretty good like that however I prefer the beans, they are easier to work with. I could give you tons of recipes I have come up with over the last couple of years :P

  9. You’re goal should not be to cut everything you like out completely but actually to add the good things to your diet. Gradually your cravings for the bad stuff will diminish. Cravings are (usually) just your brain telling you that you are missing something…and because you like chocolate..that’s what you go for!

    • Very good advice, thank you! I will also try your recommendation about the cakes, I am sure I will still enjoy them with far less sugar.

  10. Bill says:

    Good luck and best wishes. The folks who are telling you the so-called diet coke will end up making you hungrier are correct. Water is your friend. :)
    My advice would be to find the nearest farmers market and start discovering the amazing goodness of fresh locally-grown produce. Once your taste buds have adjusted to real food (takes about 3 disciplined weeks), you’ll never want processed food again!

  11. Yeah, I’m trying to start eating healthier myself by buying food like that. lol

  12. Willpower is key in keeping a diet, you really have to be focused in my opinion. I think the most important thing is balance. You shouldn’t deprive yourself from everything, otherwise you will get bored easily. Try and eat a little bit of everything in moderation. I really don’t like the Coke Zero, I find it tastless.
    Btw have you ever been to Malta?

    • Oh yes, I lived in Malta for 6 months and I have very fond memories! I actually miss it a lot. But the pastizzi made me put on weight. ;-)
      My willpower with food is the problem, that’s why I have to start with shopping. I cannot buy any chocolate or so, because I would devour it at once instead of small pieces over a week.
      The good thing is that now that spring has arrived (even here in Lithuania), I can go running every day. On that front, I have no willpower problem at all. I love running and run between 5 and 10 km every day. That helps.

  13. leila says:

    Take the Coke Zero out of the picture. Instead of chocolate cake, try the Dark chocolate covered pretzels. Do some excercise, what ever you like, swimming, walk, dance. You have to be creative when it comes to excercise and/or diet, other wise it becomes boring and you dont’ want that.

    • Now that spring has finally arrived in Eastern Europe, I am going running almost every day. Today I ran 7 km in the morning and 7 km in the afternoon. Thanks to the dozens of interesting podcasts on my MP3 player, running doesn’t bore me.

  14. Kavita Joshi says:

    wow…nice list but I can see more fruits and no vegetables…lol…include some meat if you like and change the juice to just fruits or home made juice…also make sure to have a big breakfast n include protein, carbs, vitamins etc…nice to know what your next goal is..all the best!

  15. dizzypru says:

    You should research the primal/paleo way of life/eating.

  16. Tee Jenkins says:

    If you need a wellness success buddy, you can send me a friend request on FB (Teeshalavone Jenkins). I WILL hold you accountable. You can do ANYTHING when you DECIDE and COMMIT. All the best on your wellness journey.

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