I do more before 9 a.m. than most people do all day.

“I do more before 9 a.m. than most people do all day” is one of my mottoes.

I love to get up at the crack of dawn, when the whole city is still asleep and I can work or study for a few hours before everybody else wakes up. Also, the morning sunlight is a fabulous thing to see and enjoy. There is nothing better than the feeling of achievement when by 0900 I have already been so productive as I know many people won’t become all day. It’s time for breakfast then, or for a rewarding walk along the beach.

For those of you who are too young to remember, the slogan “we do more before 9 a.m. than most people do all day” comes from a US Army commercial from the 1980s.

The military recruitment ads have gotten better since, I think.

About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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12 Responses to I do more before 9 a.m. than most people do all day.

  1. Lena says:

    I also like this morning hours, it feels like extra time you have in the day before everybody wake up.

  2. greatmartin says:

    Anyone who gets up before 11 AM deserves exactly what they get–I’ll take the night time–a lot of fun AFTER 11 PM

  3. Doug. says:

    I think it was Churchill who said anyone who gets up before 11am is a scoundrel.

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  9. donnamh92 says:

    I’m the same. Love a 6am start!

  10. siggiofmaine says:

    Night owl here…10 pm to about 2 or 3 am EDT…
    the chance of me getting a good idea
    or a good post before 10 am in the morning is slim…
    mid afternoon…forget it !

    In my part of Downeast Maine, most people go to bed early, so it is nice and quiet,
    just like the early morn for the rest of you. ☺


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