Primary elections in Iran

Always eager to improve its “democracy”, the Islamic Republic of Iran has introduced primary elections to sift the pool of candidates. Not unlike the current Republican primaries in the US, candidates will have a hard time if they are not hardcore religious conservatives.

Two candidates have already been eliminated.

(Hat tip to German satire magazine Titanic and the Free Iran Now blog for the idea.)

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7 Responses to Primary elections in Iran

  1. Dawsr says:

    WOW! What was their crime?
    This picture (also of Iran) is equally tragic and quite famous:

    Sad :(

    • The photos are from this report: . It does not say what the “crime” was. But knowing Iran’s criminal “justice” system, the charges don’t mean much. If the government wants to eliminate somebody, they will do so.

    • Dawsr says:

      Funny to think that centuries ago so many Islamic nations were at the vanguard of science, politics, mathematics, art, astronomy… They not only seem to have become stuck there, but actually have gone back in time even further… What a shame, and what a waste of human and cultural richness.

    • Lillian Smith says:

      Dawsr, The much touted golden age of Islam was never really with Muslims and their appologists claim it to be. It happen for a very brief period of time as Islamic conquerors took over lands peopled by Christians and Jews, such places as Alexandria in Egypt and Spain and appropriated much of the learning they found there. However, once Islam ran out of new lands to conquer, the golden age soon dwindled and Islam has been stagnating for hundreds of years since.

    • Dawsr says:

      I dare say you’re right. It’s a shame that such mismanagement of cultural heritage was allowed… and that even today they still haven’t realised the atrocities they still allow (like the blowing up of the Buddhas a few years ago)… This is not creed. This is pure evil and hatred and fear.

  2. Pete says:

    Lieber Andreas

    In meiner Meinung: absolut geschmacklos.

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