President Wulff resigns – Germany celebrates

The German President Christan Wulff has finally resigned today – as I had predicted already a month ago.

Germans spontaneously took to the streets to celebrate.

only minutes after President Wulff announced his resignation

The celebrations are expected to continue for a few weeks, until a new President will be elected which has to happen within 30 days.

I thank you very much for all the nominations, but I am unfortunately ineligible to run for German President because I am not yet 40 years old (as Art. 54 I 2 of the Constitution requires).

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Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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9 Responses to President Wulff resigns – Germany celebrates

  1. John Erickson says:

    From the precious little German news that leaks over to our side of the “pond”, Wulff never seemed that bad. Heck, we have presidential candidates running with a LOT more baggage than a favourable loan and some press strong-arming. (I realise your Presidential position and our President are very different in roles and responsibilities.)
    Any recommendations for who might make a good replacement? I’ll have to do a little research, since my usual source is limited to my once-daily dose of Deutsche Welle TV news.

    • knallbonbon says:

      (Any recommendations for who might make a good replacement?)

      there would plenty. but WE THE PEOPLE have no say or vote what so ever! only the main 5 political mainstream parties CDU/CSU/FDP and SPD/GREENs (publicly oppressed by the ultra-capitalists favored and owned mainstream propaganda-machines) negotiated the candidate who will be put up for vote (only their vote).

      either way – for all the people – it’s not this highly acclaimed “GAUK”-ler (Busker*. though a pun upon his name it nonetheless depicts him very well as of the person he really is). he’s just the favorite candidate of the the financial elites, the monopolistic corporate groups, the conservative political mainstream and especially the highly manipulated and manipulative propaganda media/press we have here in germany. in short – he*s just the elected warranter and rubber-stamper of those ultraconservative ultra-capitalists and their venal and utmost corrupted to the bone politicians who will under no circumstances let any change of any kind happen. be it of any political or economical change.

      (* A person who entertains in public places for money, a Busker has no set skills they must have. They can juggle, eat fire, play music, or ride a unicycle; among many other things. As appreciation for a Busker’s performance, spectators are supposed to put coins in the performer- provided hat.) in his case 200 000 € per year in office (and after office another 200 000 € per year as honorarium for the rest of his entire life)

      almost all mainstrem-media is full of highly praised adulation for GAUK but take a look in the net and you’ll see loads of shitstorm happening!

      but here you go. a site with news from germany, france, swedon, norway and switzerland in english

      forget DW. it’s just a polished up cheap propaganda organ without any real critical perceptions of any kind. thuogh “the local” isn’t the cream of the crop either, but it’s way more competent than DW. plus much more multifarious.

      have a nice day

    • John Erickson says:

      Thanks for the information, knallbonbon. I only learned of DW via a 1/2 hour news show we get on our satellite TV. I will definitely check out “The Local”, as I lost a number of good news sources online when my laptop died several months ago. I appreciate the help!

    • knallbonbon says:

      two more for you

      and on this site you’ll find tons of online papers from all over the world

      World Newspapers, Magazines, and News Sites in English

      have fun

  2. Großartiger Gag. Hut ab! Ich wünschte, ich wäre darauf gekommen.

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