A secret look into Iranian Intelligence training

“Did I just blow my legs off? Damn, that’s not enough to get into paradise.”

The somewhat botched assassination attempt in Bangkok yesterday in which an Iranian assassin blew his own legs off instead of even getting close to any target provides more circumstantial evidence that Iran is also behind the attacks on Israeli embassy staff in Tblisi, Georgia and New Delhi, India. Just last year, an Iranian plot to kill the Saudi ambassador in the US with the help of Mexican criminals was uncovered.

My own encounters with Iranian Intelligence in 2009 already left me less than impressed, but these recent plots are at least as ridiculous as they are dangerous.

The incompetence might be explained by this secret video which shows the Iranian Intelligence Service’s training for their assassination attempts on foreign soil:

(From the film “Four Lions“.)

Does anyone still think that nuclear weapons in the hands of the Islamic Republic of Iran are a good idea?

About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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5 Responses to A secret look into Iranian Intelligence training

  1. John Erickson says:

    I loved the initial part of the Bangkok attempt, where the would-be assassin attempted to hail a cab, the driver refused and drove off, whereupon the mad bomber threw one of his bombs at the retreating cab, causing “very minor damage and some minor injuries”, per the BBC.
    And here I thought the Three Stooges were all dead. Instead, they’re training Iranian “special agents”. :D
    Maybe the Iranians having nukes wouldn’t be bad? Maybe one of ’em would trip with the first nuke, immolating the entire theocratic leadership and most of the Revolutionary Guard? (Though sadly, it would also destroy a large portion of Tehran and a lot of innocent people.)

  2. someone (not my email btw) says:

    I don’t really know the purpose of a blog that only one person writes and see who is responding then try to find out who is that person is, are you working with an agent or something?
    btw, my little kitten didn’t even believe this story about the suspected Iranian terrorists. Why ? because people who develop nuclear technology and long range missiles, and already read the space are not that stupid. you agree. also don’t worry no body is going to heaven, because its door is already close. God had enough of our actions against each other and how bias are we, etc. Hell is open and for free :)

    • Lillian Smith says:

      ‘are not that stupid’

      I would not be so sure. I know a lot of Iranian man (living outside of Iran) and spoke to their ex-wives and from what they tell me and from what I see, they feel so superior and entitlted to treat their wives badly and even when they are out shopping most come over with an attitude that their shit don’t stink. Very bad choice for having nuclear weapons.

      As for this would-be terrorist, he was probably so cocky that he thought the bomb would not go off unless he ordered it to do so first. Idiots. LOL

  3. Ian B says:

    Nuclear weapons in the hands of iran? Is this the same thing as the chemical weapons which the US pursued in Iraq some years ago and never found?

    • No. Iran admits and is proud of its nuclear programme. They refuse inspections by the IAEA which has pointed out that the steps that Iran has been taking in the development of its nuclear programme all point towards a weapons programme, not (only) one for civilian use.

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