The Anarchist meeting will come to order

I only recently heard about the Anarchist Federation because of their statement about the England riots. To me, “Anarchist Federation” sounded oxymoronic.

Their website explains:

"This symbol may be spray-painted on the walls of previously designated buildings, but only within the times permitted and only by anarchists chosen by the spray-painting committee."

The Anarchist Federation is a growing organisation of like-minded people from across the British Isles who aim to … create a free and equal world, without leaders and bosses.

It is organised

in local groups

and they

coordinate worldwide through the International of Anarchist Federations.

If you agree with the aims and principles of the Anarchist Federation,

you may apply for membership


please note joining the AF requires a level of commitment. Depending on where you live you will either join a local group of AF members or, if there are no other members nearby, join as an individual member. Unfortunately, we cannot accept membership if you live outside the UK and Ireland.

They have a constitution which

contains more information about how the AF is structured as an organisation and expectations for individual members and groups.

All of this doesn’t sound very anarchist to me.

About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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3 Responses to The Anarchist meeting will come to order

  1. John Erickson says:

    Dang! I’ve seen fewer rules to join some small-town US police forces!
    And if you believe in each person doing his own thing, doesn’t that make you a traitor to your ideals if your only answer is to organise?
    Methinks their first order of business is to buy a dictionary and look up “anarchy”.
    Wait – getting together to read the definition of anarchy is in itself contradictory.
    I gotta go – this is making my headache worse! :D

  2. dos ∫antos says:

    “To me, “Anarchist Federation” sounded oxymoronic.”

    That’s because you’re thinking of anomy (From the Greek a + nomos, «without law, order») rather than anarchy (an + archos, «without ruler, government»). :) There’s really no contradiction in people who disagree with the existence of the state and (voluntarily) organise themselves in groups.

    “All of this doesn’t sound very anarchist to me.”

    They aren’t, but not really because of the reasons you have listed. As all pseudo-anarchists (anarcho-communists, etc.), they stand for using the state to impose their idealised view of how society should work and for destroying the fruit of everyone else’s labour (i.e., they are not truly opposed to the existence of the state, they simply want to become the state themselves).

    I found this article by Per Bylund to be very elucidative on these issues:

  3. Martin says:

    Do they accept all major credit cards and offer cashback incentives? :)

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