Iran determined to set new record in 2011

Unfortunately a record of the abhorrent kind:

Have cranes already been classified as "dual use" goods?

In the first 2 weeks of this year alone, Iran has already executed 47 people. And that is the official number. As the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran points out, this means that one person is executed every 8 hours.

After 179 reported executions in 2010, it looks like the Islamic Republic of Iran is seriously set on becoming the number one state murderer (in per capita terms).

Most executions in Iran are carried out by hanging.

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3 Responses to Iran determined to set new record in 2011

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  2. John Erickson says:

    Why this isn’t the lead story on every Western news outlet is beyond me. Yet our media will demonise Iran for its’ pursuit of nuclear weapons (and rightly so), which at least has an air of legitimate self-defence. It’s a pity that US news outlets all have to chase the same stories, searching for controversy in trivial matters such as the Golden Globe Awards show this past weekend, while allowing matters such as this to pass by unmentioned. Thank you, Andreas, for bringing this horrific story to light.

  3. chetna says:


    Where did you get this image from?

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