Emancipation of women in Iran

The Islamic Republic of Iran is again at the forefront of social progress (see my previous posts about scientific and academic progress): This time, it’s women’s rights, something very dear to the Mullahs.

All over the world, women are victims of oppressive laws that do not allow them to get married as early as they want. In some countries, the poor girls even have to wait until they have reached the age of consent. What a wasted youth, spent dreaming of the forbidden fruits of marriage.

But girls in Iran must no longer despair: Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has emphatically invited Iranian women girls to get married when they are 16 or 17. The idea behind this plea is to increase the population from 75 million to 150 million, because Iran has enough space, enough resources, enough jobs, enough of everything.

I have only been to Iran twice, but I must have been in the wrong parts of the country, because I mainly met young people in their 20s and 30s still living with their parents for lack of housing and even skilled academics without jobs.

Maybe a smarter population policy would not only consist in a sensible economic policy and in a foreign policy that doesn’t deliberately provoke crippling sanctions, but also stopping to drive young and smart Iranians out of the country through the oppression of all freedoms, personal as well as political?

This Iranian lady was still unmarried at 27. Shocking!

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Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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12 Responses to Emancipation of women in Iran

  1. Andreas I really hope she will get married soon unless you want to let her wait till end of her life!!!

  2. Maryam says:

    Guten tag Andreas,Wie geht es Ihnen?im persian girl,i know some german although i forgot some i found that u are german,,,,anyway u have beautiful girlfriend ,u are nice couples congrats,i also got engaged with australian man we really adore eachother,i like to share our pictures but i dont think it is possible via your website
    we feel so relaxed and happy in our love…….i have to mention that the problem of iranian women will be solved if and only if women wants.we as persian girls we spend most of our time studying or if not followed our family without making any decision by ourselves,in this situation we are sometimes aggresive and also when we want to bear a son we dont teach him how to respect women and just give him so much freedom .In short the big roblem of iranian is that they dont know how to bear their children make so many restriction for their daughters but open the limitations for their son,its better instead of putting our times on studying ,study our problems and solve our problems through our problems step by step as we do with logic problems,Although i dont deny the restriction environment of Iran what iam saying is that ,never forget when we talk about iran we talk about iranian women and men we are the one who put the first step,freedom is in our hands just we have to open our eyes althought they are so many smoke in the air that hurt our eyes

  3. Roya says:

    if you are talking about “cultures” and not islamic republic who brought new THINGS in Iran since 1976…. i must tell i’m am surprised to read this post.
    why are u pretending it is so odd? i am 34 and never married, no kids. same thing with many of my female friends.
    I always thought this is the westerns who marry -or start having family- since high school age…..

  4. Mark says:

    You cheeky sweet lil devil. Where did you find her? LOL she sure looks yum delicious and I’m so jealous of you LOL

    I’m a bit Persian too but never been to Iran. I reckon its great hooking up with people outside your own ethnic group cuz that way you are doing your part to make the world is better place by getting to know new culture and custom and help to get rid of ignorance and racism.

    • I agree, it’s much more interesting to be friends or even in a partnership with somebody from a different country, culture, religion. I am sure it is one of the best ways to build mutual understanding in the world.

  5. Ali says:

    Andreas: I’m now married to an Iranian lady and know many Iranians over 11 years while living overseas. Could you please ask your wife/gf why did she marry you? LOVE is not the answer I need to hear because it is not the truth. ask her about the meaning of “Taqia”? (don’t trust her if she linked it to religion), ask her why Iranians don’t like each others? and why they are “hypocrite” when dealing with each other and other nationalities. Please, I’m not joking or insulting or creating any problems. I just wanted you to have a good and stable life, so wanted your wife to understand that you are aware of these important things then she won’t play games with your feeling or your mind. Why the depression rate is 80% in Iran? (the religious answer is not the correct one btw). Why most of the Iranian are atheist or pretend they are christian. I have been married now for years, happy? maybe but I learnt so many things about Iranians and they can never lie anymore or use “Taqia” aka “hypocrisy” anymore.
    Iranians are various types

    – religious who thinks other are kafir (disbelievers) and will go to hell including other Muslims who do not practice like them.

    – religious who are doing prayers etc. for the sake of getting benefits or positions

    – hypocrites, who just do prayers and cover their hair whenever needed !!. They tells others they hate Islam and always say they were forced to do such and such by their Imams (leaders) and criticize Islam and use logic and philosophy to justify their actions etc. They are doubtful and can get depression because they keep thinking day and night. They drink and have relationships outside marriage etc., but in the mean time they know Quraan, and may pray sometimes and feel bad about their action, but at the end they will continue what makes them entertain.

    Most of the people who live overseas are from the last category. I wish you can discuss this with your wife, wishing you both a very happy life without any Iranian “hypocrisy”

  6. A muslim woman married to a non-muslim man is NOT accepted. marry whatever race. but muslim only with muslim. stupid uncle tom woman

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